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Weigh In Wednesday: Sometimes It’s About What’s On The Fridge

I have successfully completed my first full week of tracking my calories, sticking to my meal plans, and exercising. Each daily victory fuels me for a new day, and each victory has become a prompt to give praises to God. Every week since starting the Made To Crave Bible study I have been putting a sign on […]

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Weigh In Wednesday: The Reality of Accountability

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step according to a Chinese proverb, and while I certainly agree with this, all of those steps can turn pretty lonely when we find ourselves walking up-hill through mud in a rain storm. I’m discovering people, like me, who come again and again to a cycle […]

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When You Are So Excited And You Just Can’t Hide It – Weigh In Wednesday

I’ve been missing from WIW the last six weeks because I’ve been on a different journey. The Made to Crave bible study with Proverbs31Ministries.  It was so much more than I thought it would be. SO. MUCH. MORE. Where does that leave me for WIW? With some confessions and some new goals. Confession – I […]

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Ready to Write Chapter 20 and Beyond

I would love to tell you this study was “the answer” for me. I’ve reached my goal weight, I’ve left behind bad habits, and I’m totally soaking in the full and abundant life of Christ. I haven’t and I’m not. This week, this final week in a study that has been so encouraging and fantastic, […]

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When the Enemy Is Too Close to Home

Lesson Three Text: Luke, Chapter Six My Thoughts: Something the Lord has laid on my heart in the last few weeks is my relationship with Him. I know I have a relationship with Him. I know who Jesus is, and I know what He came and accomplished on the cross. What I’ve been feeling convicted about […]

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Better Is One Day in Weakness For Him

It’s time to join Proverbs 31 Ministries for today’s Blog Hop in the Made To Crave online bible study! For this week’s topic, I decided to really focus on our memory verse for the week. Memorizing scripture for some reason is difficult for me. I can remember absurd details about conversations, and my husband and […]


ZellaRella’s Craftastic Creations!

Hello Everyone! One of my goals for the New Year was to start offering my knitted and crocheted items for sale online. I thought it would be fun and help me replenish my yarn stash so I can keep knitting and crocheting to my heart’s content. Besides, a little extra spending money to go to the […]