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Growing Where I Am Planted

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I started the Limitless Life OBS with Proverbs31 this past week.  I am finding this study is really helping me to think about some of my fears/labels and again bring them before the Lord. It seems to be the theme He has for me this week as last night through His community of believers He has connected me with, He again spoke into the depths of my heart some painful truths about my fears. Which brings me to the Blog Hop topic I will be writing about today:

In the Valley of Sheep ~ It is here David learns to depend on God. Are you here now? Do you feel unnoticed and like your assignment is not important? After reading this chapter of Limitless Life, how has your perspective changed? 

While I know the story of David and Goliath, I’ve never walked through it step by step the way Pastor Gray walks you through it. Taking a step back and seeing how God worked in David’s life from the very beginning struck some cords with me. While I know God works all things together for the good of believers, and have personally experienced in my own life how the Lord has used some difficult times to bring Himself glory, I loved how Pastor Gray pointed out David’s heart.

David knew God. He knew God was bigger than Goliath, and God was faithful to equip David to defeat Goliath. Looking at David, he wouldn’t have been anyone’s first choice to go out and defeat this giant who had been taunting the army. He wasn’t a soldier. He wasn’t experienced in slaying giants. God used David’s life however to prepare him for that moment, and David reveals how prepared he was in 1 Samuel 17:45-47 as he confidently tells Goliath exactly what is about to go down. David didn’t stop and think “Oh, what if I miss” or “What will these soldiers think of me if I say what God is laying on my heart”.


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David learned to depend on God through His humility before God. I know my heart has labels on it that I need to destroy, labels like “fear” and “inadequate”. 
What the Lord laid on my heart last night was that those labels come from a deeper place.

A place that says “God is not trustworthy, therefore I can’t believe Him when He tells me I belong to Him and through Christ am His. I need to somehow earn His Grace, and since I’m not good enough, I must constantly be trying to earn it.” 
A place that says “I know more than God does. I’m not strong enough, brave enough, I can’t do what He tells me to do because that’s just not who I am.”
A place that says “I need the approval of others to have any worth or value. I need to be accepted by others and to not be accepted means I am worthless. So if I think another person might not accept me, I’ll just be hardened and not even get close to them to begin with. I’ll protect myself until I can be approved of by them.”

Truth: God says “Depend on Me, Trust Me, I Am The One True God. My Grace is Sufficient For You”

I sometimes find myself struggling with contentment. I realize now this discontentment stems from several things. Each of these things point back to one key thing: Pride.
Where am I in life? Where God knew I would be. When I am humble before Him and dependent on Him, He will equip me for whatever His Will is for my life.

Is Where I am right now in my life important? Of value? Absolutely. Why? Because in this season of life, this is where He has planted me. It reminds me of something my own Pastor said awhile back, Grow where you are planted! David did. David didn’t have any idea that he was being equipped to defeat Goliath. Maybe God’s Will for me will be to do something like that, and maybe it will be to just reach out to my neighbors and show them the love of Christ. The reality is, not my will but YOUR WILL BE DONE LORD! The requirement is having a humble heart that says “Lord, I want to Grow right here, right where you have me planted!”

I think that is the KEY to contentment in all things. Because it is purposeful. Our God is a purposeful and intentional God.

That is how my perspective has changed. Realizing that my pride has once again deceived me deeper than I knew. Praising the Lord for revealing it to me, and craving a humble heart like David’s so that I may be content and teachable.

So that I can grow – right where I am planted.







Want to see how the Lord using this OBS in the lives of His people?
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2 comments on “Growing Where I Am Planted

  1. Kris Czerniawski Danko
    June 2, 2014

    Thank you for sharing! I loved this, I too, can relate to the feeling of discontent where I am. I am looking at it a whole different way after this chapter’s explanation of David and Goliath. Blessings!

    Kris Danko, Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team

  2. Mindy Corradi
    June 3, 2014

    Wow doesn’t pride stop us from fullfilling god’s purpose on a regular basis…I know mine does! Thank you for sharing! I love the graphics you used!

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