A Poetic Moment, If You Please

Let’s not be theoretical,
Or philosophical,
or political.

Let’s be honest,
the dangerous kind of honesty,
the kind that rips apart the safety net
and leaves the chance to soar or drown.

Let’s not think of all society’s whims,
or rules,
or laws,
or regulations.
Let’s not think of all the experts advice,
or text book doctrines.

Let’s pretend I said the words,
let’s pretend I didn’t hide them,
no fault to wine or crazed indifference,
no panic or misunderstanding,
just breath taking unexplainable honesty,
what would be your reply?

What response would leave your lips?
What first thoughts jump into your mind?

And now that we have accomplished this,
why do our actions reflect no effect,
no cause,
no purpose,
other than ignoring the very thing,

which we think, and feel, and know,
yet ignore with strict bondage,
because somebody somewhere said so?


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