A “Yo-Yo” is a toy, not a state of being!

In January of this year I joined SparkPeople. I kept seeing these random posts about the site on my facebook page. A handful of my friends were using it and then of course I saw the all powerful post;

“Lost 15 pounds! YEA!”

What? Seriously? Fifteen pounds? REALLY!?!?!?

Myself, I was heading back up on my scale. It’s been an up and down battle with me for the last ten years.

Pregnant = Up

Staph Infection after Pregnancy = Down
Single Young Mom Life = Down
Dating, falling in love = Up
Realizing love is not really love = Up
Divorce and Moving = Up
Getting “back out there” = Down
Financially Broke = Down
High Stress Fast Paced Job = Down
Falling in love (real love this time) = Up
Moving and buying a new house = Up
Happier Job and just Happier Happiness = Up
Realized that Up was going REALLY UP = Down
Sticking with it, making it a priority = Down
Work stress = Up
Marrying a fantastic cook = UP
In case you’ve missed it, here in lies the battle.
And what I really am looking for is simply this.
Right here.
This has been my struggle. Although I do know there are some changes that have slowly become habit. For example, I reach for whole wheat breads over white breads.
I eat at least one vegetable every day.
I drink water. Maybe not eight cups, however, at least a cup everyday. Which is a dramatic improvement to my previously dehydrated coffee filled life.
I’ve been the Yo-yo. The childhood play thing that was a game to see how many times you could bounce it up and down before it finally wouldn’t go anymore. (By the way, imagine how gypped I felt when I realized that you could actually do tricks with it! Really? And I put all this focus into bouncing it.)
However, this is how I’ve been treating my health. My weight. My temple. The Yo-yo. No consistent discipline. No consistent lifestyle changes. And most certainly no consistent exercise.
This is the great epiphany I had today. Simple, yet profound. So simple, and so profound, I want to go buy a cheap yo-yo to keep on my desk at work.
Maybe even learn how to ‘walk the dog’ with it or something.

So I have gone back to using my tracker on my sparkpeople page. I measured out my portions of food today. It felt great. Like freedom.

Freedom from the yo-yo.

My number today? 144.4
My number in a week? No idea, however at least I’ll know that my actions will say that I’m not living a yo-yo lifestyle. That my friends, is all the difference.

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