To Wine or Not To Wine

I successfully made it through Day One of THE RESISTANCE. Although I must say as the night progressed I found myself wanting to snackity snack. I refrained. 

Which is what made it a success.

Work was easy too on the food front because I was very busy (and a few times pulled in many different directions) that I didn’t have time to think about eating food.


And, I dare say it, I even felt like exercising for a brief moment.

I didn’t.
However, you’ve got to start somewhere right?

Now onto today’s charting.
Which by the way is calculated by using SparkPeople (click here to check it out, it’s FREE).

Now, you will notice I have pointed out a few things with today’s tracking.


  • I was out of “fresh veggies”. After making the public declaration in a previous blog that I eat a least a veggie a day, I couldn’t in good conscience NOT find something. Digging around in the cabinet produced a can of Asparagus.
    Now, let me say that this morning I solidified the fact my son will NEVER eat the canned asparagus. How you might ask? By opening the can in front of him. There was this………..odd…… asparagus smell. I have no other way to describe. It was just a little “ew“.
    Needless to say, my son was very clear about his newest life long commitment to never eat the canned asparagus.
  • I did take it with me to work. One cup to be exact. I did eat it. I’ve decided that I will never buy canned asparagus again. The only reason I didn’t throw out the rest of it is because the same stupid good conscience that made me take the stupid asparagus in the first place is the same stupid good conscience that thinks about starving kids and the “wrongness” in throwing food out.
  • End result = I will be eating more “ew” asparagus.

Lastly on the Asparagus rant, DO YOU SEE THE SODIUM IN THIS STUFF? It’s got to be because it is canned right? Got to be.



  • I met many of my goals. Iron is still the one that I just don’t get. I also didn’t get around to using my internet surf time to study the “Iron Rich” foods, so I will work on that tomorrow. Maybe change up the asparagus rant with a lil Iron rant.
(Right Now in my head, All I can hear is the intro to “Iron Man”. 
Not the movie, the song before the movie.)

Again you will notice that I did not add “wine” to my report. Not because I didn’t want to, however because there is a debate in the amount of sodium in one serving of wine. I went to the website for Franzia.

Before anyone judges me on my box of wine, 
let me say for the record, 
some of their wines are quite tasty!

Anyway, from what I could tell by looking at the website, it appears that the Crisp White Wine has 8 grams of sodium.

For those of you, who like me, had to Google the conversion (don’t judge my american education) that would mean 8000 milligrams of sodium.

8000? 8000! If this is true, I can’t imagine any doctor anywhere for any reason recommending wine to drink. I mean, I would imagine that as soon as it touched your lips it would begin to burn into your skin. You’ll notice above that I eat Budget meals for dinner at times. Hello! Some of those are salty enough to even make me go “ehhh” and think a second before taking another bite. 8000?!?!?!?!?!

The end result is that I emailed Franzia and asked them to clarify. I’ll let you know what they say when I hear back from them.

Now I’m moving into my second night of THE RESISTANCE. Tonight I have the secret weapon. EMERALD COCOA ROASTED ALMONDS. Yea buddy. (Which you will notice have already been input into the tracker).

Maybe tomorrow I’ll even try some of that exercise stuff I thought about today. Maybe.

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