Holiday Season = Waistline Drama

I’m going to be real with you.

Yesterday was a struggle. It could have been a lot worse, however, as is, it was a struggle. There were three little things that tempted me and won.

  1. The 100 Grand (Fun Size)
  2. The Twix (Fun Size)
  3. The Crunch Crisp (Fun Size)

Grand Total of Calories on these things? = 270
However this is not where it stopped. This was just that little taste I needed to choose to dive right in.
Two full glasses of milk with some Honey Corn Bread = + 360
The End Result? 630 Extra Calories at the End of my Day.
My issue isn’t the calories.
It isn’t even that there was candy, chocolate, and sugar involved.
My issue is SELF-CONTROL.
Sometimes I just like to eat. I want what I want, and I want food. Specific food. I want to eat it, taste it, feel full by it. I want to enjoy it, to the max, to the extreme.

Self – Control is a Biblical thing. It’s something that the Lord felt was important enough to point out more than once. It’s a “fruit of the spirit”. Something that marks a Christian life.

My weakness in this area is food. The opposite of this particular weakness is Gluttony, which is something I willingly and fully give into occasionally. Occasionally being enough to continue an unhealthy habit.
However, I am back on track today. I even worked out this weekend. A fantastic 45 minute run on the elliptical. It was GREAT. So great, I have every intention of doing it again today.
I also have a new goal. I must begin practicing Self Control now, because the holiday season is upon us. With November comes classic over-eating of food, with left-overs being over-eaten, followed by more holiday parties, get togethers, potlucks, family gatherings, chocolate, candies, and pies.

In order to have any resemblance of self-control come the 24th, I have to start now. So while I walk up and down isles of reduced price candy, with bowls of it scattered throughout various areas of my life, I instead am going to add a little bit of honey to my tea for something sweet. I am going to focus on developing my “fruit”. I am going to pray about it.

Oh, And I am also going to buy a rocking hot holiday outfit if I do lose my November goal weight by December.
I got this.
Be self‑controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

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