Resolution REVAMP

I initially decided on the same New Year’s resolution many people decided on. To “get healthy” and “lose weight”. My trip to the local Hannaford grocery store proved this a popular resolution. How do I know this? Because the fresh produce and meat isles were so packed I could barely navigate through them, and the “processed food” isles were nice and clear. Mentally I decided to make a note of this and watch to see when it would reverse itself again, as it inevitably will, after resolutions become “old” and “forgotten”.

While shopping with my son and thinking with a bit of sadness at how many people would give up on their resolutions, the wheels in my mind began turning. As the turning continued and the spider webs evolved, I made a decision to REVAMP RESOLUTION. I also decided to share my revamping thought process here (as a way to solidify it in my head).

Vivir la Resolución 
(I have no idea why, however sometimes I like to randomly throw the Spanish Language into my life.
I blame my High School Spanish Teachers)
  • Step One – Think of a New Year’s Resolution. 
    • I want to lose weight and get back to eating healthy again. The seven added pounds over vacation do NOT make me a happy camper.
  • Step Two – Now, take your New Year’s Resolution and somehow make it about OTHER people. Not just yourself.  In other words, how can your resolution impact someone else’s life in a positive way as well? 
    • A healthy lifestyle would not only benefit myself, it would also benefit my entire family. More energy, less health problems. Teaching my son healthy lifestyle habits now could save him years of distress later in life. So how can I share this with my family in a positive way? I could cook more homemade dinners. Make the effort to find nutritious foods the entire family will enjoy. A homemade dinner is always so much better than a “quick” one from something frozen. I could even make a few dinners a learning and teaching experience with my son, and others could be quality time spent talking with my husband about his day. Nights that my step-daughter comes I can cook and talk with her as well. Dinner could become quality time in itself instead of a chore. What  wonderful way to end the day and reunite together as a family?
  • Step Three – Now take your Revamped Resolution and think of how to achieve it in steps. It’s great to have a Gung-Ho attitude that we will succeed all at once, however we need to be realistic. Habits develop gradually and over longer periods of time. Resolutions are more often than not our desires to overcome or correct a “negative” habit we’ve developed. Or at the very least start a new habit that will be a positive one in our lives. Realistically then, establishing positive habits will also occur gradually and over longer periods of time. So with that in mind, come up with a few “steps” on how to succeed in living your resolution. Set some mini goal marks because a timeline will help keep us accountable to reaching our goal.
    • For the month of January I will commit to cooking at least 3 nutritious and healthy homemade dinners each night. I will also commit to packing a nutritious and healthy lunch/snack for myself and my husband for work at least 3 days a week as well. Lastly, I will commit to having the kids help me make dinner at least once a week.
    • For the month of February I will increase to 4 times per week, with the kids helping at least twice a week.
    • For the month of March I will increase to 5 times per week, with the kids helping twice a week or more if they want to help more than that.
    • For the month of April I will increase to 6 times per week. This is where I will stop with my commitment because there are some nights that processed foods (microwavable, already prepared, etc.) will realistically come into play. However, if I’m making at least 6 homemade meals a day, that will make a tremendous difference on our daily diets. 
    • Lastly, I will add my resolution to my prayer list. I will share it with my husband (and all those who read this blog) as way to help hold myself accountable to it. 
And there you have it. The RESOLUTION REVAMP. Essentially, it’s taking a New Year’s Resolution, and upping it. Yet, with the up, we also focus on how to make it truly realistic. Some other things I have already thought of for my personal resolution is ensuring that I am sticking to “easier” homemade dinners until I get into the swing of things. 30 minute meals and such from some of my favorite cookbooks. I’m already getting excited to start tonight’s dinner!
Some people may have resolutions that have to deal with organization. So, start with one room, organizing it a section at a time and keeping it that way for a month before starting on the next. Going through it and donating things to people in need as opposed to just trashing it while you organize.
Some people may have resolutions that deal with finances. How to save more money, or spend it wisely. How about making a small donation to a charity that speaks to your heart while you succeed in your financial goals? Or donate some time to an organization with needs instead of money?
My thought is simply this, how much more will our resolution not only impact our own lives, yet the lives of those around us, and the world, if we include them in it? If we make it not just about ourselves? It’s a step to living an unselfish life, and while it may be a small step, it’s those small steps I think which help us keep life in perspective.
Anyway, these were the rambling spider webs that went through my mind while at the Hannaford. This is how I’ve decided to move forward with my New Year’s Resolution. I pray wisdom and guidance for everyone as they make their own and proceed to succeed at it.

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