Destined To Fail

Something I will never fully understand, is that part of our destiny is to fail. It’s inevitable and unavoidable. We will stumble. We will fall. 

We will fail.

Maybe understanding this is the first step to understanding why we need a relationship with our Lord. The first step to understanding why our focus should be on our eternity and not our temporary.

It’s hard to not focus on the temporary.

To not focus on failing.  

And wither depression can lead us to fail, or failing can lead us to depression, sometimes we find ourselves still looking out the window and wondering “is this my adventure?”

What is an adventure anyway? Honestly? The world shows so much emotion behind what an adventure should be. What a happy life should be. What fulfillment should be.

And if nothing else makes us feel like a failure, for the Christian, the feeling of emptiness inside has to be the biggest feeling of failure of all. 

We are destined to fail because we live in a fallen world. And when we fail, this is when He is supposed to be able to piece us back together correctly, the way we need to be pieced together. 

Sometimes a broken heart just can’t be pieced together. At least, that’s how it feels. It’s funny, because that empty feeling should be nothing because it’s empty. And yet, that empty feeling is the worst. It turns to pain. It hurts. It aches. 

And maybe after the fall, the realization that you’ve failed, the realization that you’ve stumbled and crashed, maybe that’s what makes it so easy to start looking back again and asking “Is this what I’ve done?” And if your past is full of pain, of questions, of fears, then maybe that’s why you look in front of you and all you can see is the hanging cloud of the past. And then you think, “Is this what I will have? Is this my future?”

It’s easy to think of all the things you don’t have. It’s easy to focus on the things you will never have. 

It’s hard when the inside feels like such a failure, to focus on anything else. 

And as Christians. We hide. We hide inside our safe little boxes from fear of judgement and condemnation from our fellow Christians. We keep our secrets that eat away at our very souls and hearts. We feel the pain of isolation and the fear of lonely. 

And then we genuinely wonder why the world looks at Christianity the way that it does. Because we are broken. Because we are destined to fail. Because we need grace and mercy every day. Yet, we can’t see it. Sometimes we just can’t see it. And our hearts are as broken as everyone else’s. And we hide behind our mask. We hide in our own torment. 

We are destined to fail. Why is it so hard to remember that we are also destined to succeed? 

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