Girl vs. Grocery Store

Today is cardio day.
Today is also grocery shopping day.

Normally I would do grocery shopping on a Friday, however, the empty fridge suggests I bump it up a day or face the wrath of my family.

Especially my son if he has to eat Oatmeal another straight day. I’d prefer he eat Oatmeal over sugary cereal. Changing that boy’s tastebuds is proving to be a whole new kind of challenge.

Today’s oatmeal had apples and peanut butter in it. Got the PB idea from a teammate’s blog I read yesterday.

I liked it.

The boy said it was OK. He prefers Captain Crunch.

Anyway, today he is going grocery shopping with me. As you can imagine the grocery store is not a place of adventure for an 11 year old. So my thought process is the following:

1. Must make a list.
2. Must stick to the list.
3. Go early in the day, beat the crowds
4. Going early means I can get going now
5. Must do Cardio as soon as I get home so it doesn’t get “skipped over”

I read an article on SparkPeople I liked about the grocery store and saving money. It’s called 15 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Healthy Groceries

So, I’ve eaten breakfast to make sure I’m not hungry.


I’m starting my shopping list and will have it done before I leave.


Shopping alone would be preferred, however, not an option today. So I have a backup plan. My son will be responsible for pushing the cart, keeping items organized, etc. Basically, I’m going to keep him involved. Make him feel like he’s part of the whole process. Show him how to check the Nutrition Labels and prices to give him an understanding of why I might choose something different than he would, and maybe make a challenge out of it to see if he can “choose” what I would based on learning that information.

Sure, it’ll take a little longer. However, it’s teaching him the importance of money, shopping, and nutrition at an early age. Hopefully it’ll be lessons that stay with him so he will lead an active and healthy life.

Got a calculator on my Phone. Check.

Smart Substitutions is an interesting one for me. We have already made a lot of substitutions since going on a single income. One of the things I’ve noticed is that I haven’t been drinking soda at all for weeks now. It just sorta “happened”. I miss them greatly sometimes. I think I will get some sparking water and see if I can’t get my family to switch over to that instead of “soda” when at home.

We’ll see.

The rest of the list is great information, and I’ll take from it what I feel works for our family. I read another health article months ago that also talked about staying out of the center of the store and purchasing from the outside instead. How funny is it when you start reading articles like that you start noticing the layout of all grocery stores?

For example, milk is always at the back of the store. Why? To force people to walk by lots and lots of products to get a gallon of milk. (At least, I read that somewhere, and then noticed that in all the grocery stores around here, it’s true.)

In another SparkPeople article, (at least, I’m pretty sure it was a SP article) I read that the most expensive products are always shelved at eye level, with the less expensive products being higher or lower so you have to search for it.

And those sugary cereals, those cartoon eyes on all the boxes if you look at them, are usually angled downwards a little. Why? So that the cartoons are looking at children walking by who suddenly feel overwhelmed with a need to “MUST HAVE” that cereal.

I’ve changed my attitude about the Grocery Store. Each shopping trip is a challenge. It’s me vs. The Store. The marketing, the products, the processed food stuffs.

It’s a battle.

And I like a challenge.

Cause I don’t like to lose.

One of these days I’m going to literally suit up when I go grocery shopping and film myself doing this. I’ll even have a cape.

I’ll be a YouTube star.


Seriously though. It’s my challenge. Get in and get out sticking to the budget AND having some healthy and nutritious meals planned for my family. One income. Higher food prices.


So I’m going to finish my coffee. Finish my list.

And then.

I got this.

Hope everyone faces a challenge today with VICTORY!!!!!!


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