Surviving Vacation – Short and Sweet

Friday, August 24, 2012

Energy levels are still a little down, however, with the new attitude, I am “overcoming” the energy levels. (Thank you Lord!) 

Today started our family summer vacation. My apprehension with vacation, staying on track with my nutrition and my work out commitments. 

So, this morning I forced myself to work out first thing. It was hard. I was yawning through my first set of push-ups. I lost count during the first or second exercise after that, and just had to “wing it” figuring I did close enough to the reps. By the end however, I was feeling great, glad I did not put it off, and ready to tackle the day. 
I even did water aerobics at the lake since I knew we would not get home in time for our walk. 

Water aerobics are hard. HARD. And GREAT. 

Awww. Love the Lake. 

Love Family More. 

Love Family Vacations. 
I got this. 
Tomorrow. Cardio will get done. AND going to see the United States Air Force Thunderbirds. 

Spark On! 
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