Clean House with Purpose

Yesterday before I started my daily house cleaning I read a blog titled God on a Wednesday. After reading it, I felt inspired to use my house cleaning (I just had a conversation with a  friend about the repetitiveness of house cleaning) as an opportunity to count the things which I am thankful for.

Here is my list.

Thankful for House Work

  1. Dirty towels – I’m Thankful that we have dirty towels. It means we have water for long, hot showers. I even have time for relaxing bubble baths on occasion. I know there are people out in parts of the world with no clean water for bathing or drinking. I’m thankful for my dirty towels because we do have water for bathing and drinking. And as shallow as this may seem, I’m thankful for the different scents of body washes and shampoos. It appeals to the woman in me. Pretty colors, pretty smells, warmth. I’m thankful for dirty towels.
  2. Dirty dishes – I’m Thankful that we have dirty dishes. It means we have food to eat. Delicious food. Dirty dishes mean that I’m home now. It means breakfast for my family, packing their lunches, and in packing those lunches every day a little piece of my love goes into them. It’s my Act of Service for my husband and son. I love learning to cook healthier. Learning to “Eat to Live” and not “Live to Eat”. Learning to not be “consumptive” and to be appreciative for what we have. I love that nearly every night we sit down at the kitchen table and have dinner as a family. We say grace. We laugh. We may not always get along, however, we have a lot of love around that table. A lot of love. I’m Thankful for dirty dishes.
  3. Yellow Rubber Gloves – I’m Thankful for my yellow rubber gloves. I always thought women who wore rubber gloves to clean were crazy. I love mine. I love not getting who knows what all over my hands and under my finger nails. Looking at them reminds me of my husband, my husband whom does his very best to make my wants and needs a priority. Even when it comes to simple things like yellow rubber gloves. Instead of telling me we don’t need them, he fully supports me buying them. He supports me in a lot of ways. With a lot of different things. These yellow gloves remind me of that. I’m thankful for my yellow rubber gloves.
  4. Laundry – I’m Thankful for laundry. Folding my son’s shirts and pants, makes me think of how he is growing up so slowly and yet so quickly before my very eyes. This child who will come and ask his parents to pray for him when his heart is very troubled or afraid. When his father leaves for work in the morning, he always makes sure he hugs him, tells him he loves him, and reminds him every day he will be at the window waving goodbye to him. Then he goes to the window to wave goodbye until his father is out of sight. I’m thankful for this man-child. This boy growing into a man. I don’t want to rush it. I know there will be a day when I’m not folding his shirts or pants anymore. I’m thankful for laundry.
  5. Dirty Floors – I’m Thankful for dirty floors. It means there are feet here. People here whom I love, walking too and fro with shoes and socks and toes. It means this home is inhabited. It’s not empty. It’s full. Full of life and love and laughter. It also gives me a moment to laugh at myself. I use a Swiffer. I Swiffered the entire kitchen floor before realizing the pad was on backwards. That silly clumsy moment of mine. It’s a happy moment. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because I’m happy. I’m happy because I have dirty floors to clean. To clean in anticipation of the feet that will soon be here again. I’m thankful for dirty floors.

Today as I was cleaning, I was thinking about my list from yesterday. It made me smile. It made me clean with a purpose.  I had a iffy start to the day. Had some difficult prayer time. Had some tears of growth. By the time I got around to cleaning, my heart had been refreshed, my spirit renewed, and suddenly I was all in.

I cleaned bathrooms.

Like. Really clean.

Squeaky sparkly crazy clean.

After the first bathroom however, I remembered why it’s important to run the fan and make sure the door remains open. Too many cleaners, too little air circulation. WHEW.

I’m thankful for a big sliding glass back door that I can step outside and breath for a moment. *Silly Me* After a few moments, I was right back at it. With all this joy I had to have some tunes.

I am thankful for music. I’m thankful for  a sound system loud enough to hear across the entire house. Thankful for Pandora where I can click and choose what I want to listen to. Thankful for the new band I heard and now am TOTALLY in love with. Thankful for the fact that I can dance like a crazy woman while cleaning a house and not feel judged because no one can see me!

Man. I have had a GREAT day.

Cleaning with Purpose.

What would happen, if we took more of the “chores” of our lives, the things that become routine, boring, repetitive, and looked for reasons to be thankful for them?
What would happen if we really thought about those reasons, and let those reasons fuel us with fire? To give us purpose?
What would happen if we found a song we loved, and just danced like crazy for a little bit?

In closing, I will leave you with this. The latest band I have fallen in love with is Icon For Hire. I love their lyrics. I love the lead singers voice. I love the sound, the beat. I would classify it as Rock. Rock with a message. The best kind of rock.

If you haven’t yet today, maybe use this as your opportunity to dance like a crazy person.

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