Five Minute Friday: Focus my Heart

It is Friday. You know what that means. Five Minute Friday.

Today’s Word: Focus

Right now I’m struggling to focus. My thoughts are weaving a spiderweb of many strands so fast and so quickly I’m having trouble keeping them in order.

I never get phone calls.  This morning, in twenty minutes I’m called by four different numbers.
One call, a very dear friend. A best friend. A wonderful friend.

Focus. On what? On the fact I can’t be there to support her with the difficult news she has received? On the fact I can’t hold her and cry with her for just a few minutes? On the fact I’m so far away I only get to see her maybe once a year? I miss her.

Focus. How? I love her. I love her family. It’s so hard sometimes. Being so far away. From her. From everyone there and not here. My heart hurts.

Focus. Another call. This time about my son. More news. More things to cause my heart to quicken and worry.

Focus. On What? I’m spiraling at the moment. I’m emotional. Why am I so emotional?

Focus. I’m having trouble. I’m having trouble even focusing on these words.

Focus. I need some quiet time for my soul. Some quiet time to ask for comfort. Wisdom.

Focus. On friendship. I’m not there. But I am here. I love that dear friend. She is like a sister. I love her family. I can love them from here.  I will love them from here.

Focus. On growth. My son will face more challenges. I want to help him face them with focus. The focus he needs to overcome the struggles of this world. The same focus I need right now.
The one who comforts. The one who guides. The one who gives us everything we need.


Focus my Heart.


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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Focus my Heart

  1. I am SO in this place at the moment as well, feeling the pull in lots of different directions. I’m feeling for you and feeling your love for your friend. Sending you a hug across the internet. Much love x

  2. here is some focus… in this moment…in this very second HE wants you to know…He loves all of these friends more than you do.
    They are His babies.
    HE will provide for them.
    You life them up in prayer.. and know that HE loves your interaction with Him.. and He loves them more than you…so focus right in that.

    1. Thank you very much for those words. Life is so much easier when “focused”. There are times when I’m worrying over my son that I think to myself “Lord, you love Him more. He is ultimately YOURS. Take my worry for Your son and show me what You want me to do for Your son whom you’ve blessed in my care.” I now see that not only can I do that for my son, however, for all loved ones He has blessed me with in my life.


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