Weigh In Wednesday: Rambling Moment with Coffee

It’s raining outside. It started raining last night. Raining harder right now.

Today, I look out into the cold, dreary, grey, rainy weather, and want to crawl back into bed. Just snuggle up under the covers and stay there.


I’ve also had this weird vertigo thing happening the last two days. I noticed it yesterday morning when I got up. Everything was “off” to the right. I got out of bed and stumbled to the right until I ran into a dresser, then held myself there until the room stopped moving. It happened two more times that morning , both times when I went from a seated position to a standing position. The room was literally moving. I ate some breakfast wondering if maybe I’m not getting enough food with the increased strength and cardio training. I upped my carbs yesterday intentionally.

Last night, during the middle of the night, it happened again. This time it was when I rolled over in bed. The bed felt like it was moving, and the room would feel like it was spinning. Then again this morning, same thing, spinning and moving rooms when I first got out of bed, and the first few times I go from sitting/laying to standing. My ears are also “popping” when I swallow and the right side of my face feels “puffy”.

Now let me introduce you to some of the inner workings of my mind.

I immediately jump to the worst case possible. Two days in a row of experiencing vertigo, I think to myself “Great, I have a brain tumor. Some progressive form of brain cancer that will kill me within a week or two” .
Unlike my husband, who’s initial thought is something like “Probably something wrong with my sinus’s, may be getting a sinus or ear infection, should mention it to the doctor when I go in for my physical.”

So here I sit, on this rainy day, contemplating if I’m dying of brain cancer.

Today is Weigh in Wednesday.
Considering the extra effort I’ve been exerting on my Power90 journey, I’m excited to see the results.
I go into the bathroom and step on the scale. I see a number I’m excited about!
I step on and off the scale two more times to make sure. Yup, same number, we are good!
I run out to grab my camera to take a picture of my progress.
Go back to step on the scale, and ta-da, I’ve gained 2.6 pounds in the 48 seconds it took me to find my camera.


I move the scale to different points of the bathroom floor.
My weight apparently fluctuates depending which direction the scale is facing and if it’s moved a quarter to the left.

I think to myself, “Ok, well, I’ll go see what the Wii Fit says, just to compare.

I come into the living room to set up the Wii Fit.
Now, I’m not a stupid person. Really. Graduated High School with honors. Got my Associates Degree in college, with honors. Have always performed well at every job I’ve tackled.
Figuring out which button to push on which electronic piece of equipment the boys have set up in the living room to get the Wii Fit turned on AND showing on the TV screen—- above my pay grade.

I call my husband on his way to work so he can explain this to me.

I get the TV on, the Wii Fit on, and then the batteries in the Wii remote go out.
Take the batteries out to recharge them, find the other remote, and get it set up.
Pull out the Wii Balance board – the batteries go out.

Sigh Again.

Pull those batteries out, put them in the charger.
Get the Swiffer out of the closet, remove those batteries, put them into the Wii Balance Board.


The Wii Fit says I weigh much less than what can be accurate. I move the board around a few times, try to get it to read from the hard floor instead of just by sitting on the carpet. Signal won’t reach that far.

Go back into the bathroom to stand on the scale. Get yet another new number.

For today’s Weigh In Wednesday, I’m going to average all of the above for this week’s number.

Last Week’s Weight: 134.8 LBS
This Week’s Weight: 134.4 LBS
Difference: -0.4
Total Since Weight Loss Journey Began: -15.6 LBS

WOOT! I’ll take it. And even though it is a dreary grey day and I may be dying from a brain tumor, I’m going to do my Power90 workout today. I’m going to get into the Word and meditate on NOT worrying about things and having Faith. I’m going to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE TONIGHT!!!

Which is a good thing. Mainly because last night as I was showing off my nails to my husband and holding them up, all excited about the pretty colors I picked out, I realized something…

The Colors Look Oddly Familiar…I Think It’s A Sign I Need To Get Out Of The House…

Hope everyone else is having a great Wednesday!
In Love & Faith,

4 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: Rambling Moment with Coffee

  1. Oh how I needed to laugh today… I adore you!!
    And love your nails, AND you room colors, AND am really sad to find you that you might be dying of a brain tumor, especially since we are really just starting out on this whole friendship journey.

    Let me know how that all works out. 🙂

    Love and extra hugs, cuz I just really need them today!

    1. Aww, thanks! Good news from the Doctor – He seriously doubts I have a brain tumor. YAY!!!! LOL. Although I probably have inner ear issues that I just have to live with (apparently with approximately 30% of the rest of the American population). So, at times, it’ll just happen. Ah well, the joys of getting older!
      I hope you have had a fabulous day and found more things to make you laugh my friend! Extra love and hugs back at ya!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m looking to land between 125 and 130. So, in four more pounds, I’ll transition to a “maintenance” nutritional plan (yay more calories!!!!) and then I’ll worry more about measurements instead of pounds as I will still be toning muscles and such. That’s the plan at least LOL! We shall see!


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