CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS..oh..yea..and Thanksgiving…

I love Christmas.

Really really LOVE Christmas. 

I used to be one of those people that got extremely annoyed at seeing Christmas decorations in the stores before Thanksgiving. When I saw them in the stores before Halloween I was absolutely disgusted.

Then something changed.

Something profound happened. 

I have had some Christmas seasons that were difficult. Periods of my life which were overshadowed with an emotional feeling of ‘not belonging’ or ‘being a part of a family’. Periods of emotionally feeling like a failure as a mother. Yet, even in those periods of difficulty, there was always a Christmas love that found it’s way into my life. 

An unexpected financial gift from a stranger to buy items for my unborn son.
A surprise invitation to be part of a Christmas family dinner. 
Tons of unexpected Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree to decorate my home with. 
An invitation to MY family’s Christmas party after years of not seeing them on holidays.
An unexpected basket full of toys and warm jackets my first Christmas in Maine.
Falling in love, getting married, and sharing Christmas with an amazing family who opened their hears to my son and I.
Starting my own family Christmas traditions and seeing my children excited about them.
Being able to spend another Christmas with my family, only this time, having my husband with me too.

Something happened, something that began to strip away the disgust at seeing Christmas ornaments, and instead replaced that disgust with excitement. 
Something happened, something that made it so instead of feeling a sense of dread at having to spend money for gifts and rant about “this is not what Christmas is all about”, turned into joy at the thought of picking out something special, or making something special, for someone whom I care about, whom I love, whom I want to give a gift out of care and love. 
Something happened, something that by-passed all the indignation at “what this world has turned Christmas into”, and instead skipped over those things to only see the beauty in Christmas. The beauty of love. 

Because Christmas is really about Love.
For God so Loved the World. 

I know that people can debate and argue the fact that there is “no way Jesus was born on December 25th in Bethlehem” because of a bunch of facts and logical reasoning.

That’s OK. Because Christmas is really about Love. 
For God so Loved the World. 

This day. This is the day that I CELEBRATE and REJOICE and MARVEL that a Savior was born. 
This a day that I start to reflect on that Love, that I attempt in some way to make my tiny pea sized brain understand a universal sized concept. To realize that I can’t, and just fall down on my knees in humility that I do have a tiny pea sized brain, and yet, AND YET, FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD!

Yes my friends. Something happened. Something happened that the thought of celebrating Christmas with my family becomes so joyful, so happy, so wonderful, that I LOVE seeing Christmas decorations. I love how beautiful and sparkly and wonderful they are. I love how they make me think “CHRISTMAS!” and that thought leads to “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD!”. 

I love chocolate covered cherries! I love Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes! I love Christmas trees and having a piece of nature, of GOD’S creation, sitting right inside my house covered in beautiful ornaments! Ornaments that hold memories of family, of love, ornaments that twinkle and with every twinkle remind me of how extraordinarily blessed I am! I love all the beautiful Christmas songs, and I love that EVEN with all the new “contemporary” music there is for worshiping God, that those “hymns” those “Christmas classics” are always brought back every year! I love hot chocolate and laughing over hot chocolate mustaches with my son! I love tasting all the new hot chocolate flavors with him and deciding which one is best! I love hanging up stockings and Christmas lights and in the dark cold of winter, sitting inside with the glow of the lights twinkling all around while snuggled up close with my husband under fleece blankets while we watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. I love when we read the Christmas Story as a Family. I love playing Christmas music on the Pandora radio station. I love hiding presents and wrapping them and placing them just right under the tree. I love filling up Christmas stockings with little sweets and treats. I love the house filling up with family and food and laughter and prayer and thankfulness and more laughter. 


And I know, Thanksgiving is the next holiday coming up. I enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving. I LOVE Christmas. I am THANKFUL for CHRISTMAS. I am THANKFUL THAT GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD.

Something happened. 
Something that causes me to leave a strand of sparkly, starry, Christmas lights up inside all year long.
Something that causes me to leave a Christmas ball made out of lights and punch cups inside all year long.
Something that causes me to take one ornament off the Christmas tree, and hang it up to gaze upon all year long.
Something that causes me to get excited and slowly walk through the “Christmas isle” at Sam’s club before Halloween.
Something that causes me to get excited and thoughtfully pick out Christmas presents for those I love in August.
Something that causes me to squeal everytime something “Christmasey” comes around I haven’t seen since last year.

Something happened that brought nearly un-containable joy in my heart at the word “Christmas”. 

So yes. I am now one of “those” people. One of those people who wants to put up the Christmas Tree November 1st and who wants to start singing Christmas carols in October. One of those people who excitedly announces to their family Christmas is on it’s way. One of those people who will slow down in every store, by every window, for every shiny, sparkly, happy Christmas display. 1024-1

JOHN 3:16.

I’m ready for Christmas Love people.

And I simply felt like rambling about it. ^________^



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