In The Quiet

It’s been a few weeks, however, I am excited to participate in FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY!!!!! ^_^
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Today’s Five Minute Friday Word: STAY

In The Quiet

The last of the smoke twirls into the air,
leaving behind a sweet fragrance that  will linger
for several hours more.


It is not a whisper, it is not a command.
It’s a request.

Suddenly, the sounds of the world around me begin to come back into focus.
I make the mistake of looking up,
and see the clock.
I try to look away from it,
yet the “tick, tock, tick, tock” begins to break into my thoughts.


I bow my head down further,
I am hungry.
A hunger I haven’t felt in weeks.
A deep hunger now spurred on by food.
These morsels of delicious, life sustaining words.
I crave more, I need more.


The sound of the clock becomes louder.
The incense has burned all the way down.
There is nothing left but ash.
The offering has been made.


Then words begin to sound from across the room.
Voices begin to filter into the quiet.
In what almost feels like defeat,
I lift my head.

From this quiet time.
This deliciously, wonderful, quiet time.
With this book.
And these verses.
And His love.
This quiet time that outlasted the burning incense.
The quiet time that outlasted the allotted time I set aside for it.
The quiet time that I have missed in recent weeks,
and did not realize,
until this moment,
how much I missed it.

Then again, I hear my urgent whisper,


I am not ready for this quiet time to end.
I am not ready to stand and face the noise of the world.
I am not ready to leave the safe haven of Him.

And before I can whisper the word once more,
He says to me,

Go, and know, I am with you Always.”

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