Sometimes, A Mom Just Knows

Sometimes, A Mom Just Knows

There are times when a mom just knows.
She knows for example, when you are sneaking extra cookies.
She knows when you didn’t fold your socks.
She knows when something is bothering you, and it hurts on the inside.
Sometimes a mom just knows.

There are other times when a mom doesn’t know.
Times when her heart cries out, desperately seeking to know.
Times her fears attempt to drown her, because she does not know.
Times she falls on her knees because she has no other way to know.
There are times when a mom just doesn’t know.

And yes,
There are times when a mom makes mistakes.
Huge mistakes.
Catastrophic mistakes.
The kind of mistakes that her children will always know.
As will she.

A mother’s life is a path, a road of what she knows..
and what she doesn’t know…
and what she desperately wants to know.
and what she desperately wishes she did not know…

And in all that knowing and not knowing,
there are times,
little times,
when a mom just wants to call her mom,
and tell her,
all about what she knows,
and doesn’t know,
and wants to know,
and doesn’t want to know.

And then she cries.
A little.
Maybe a lot.

And the beautiful thing,
The really amazing and beautiful thing,
is that her mom,
(you see, my mom)
she’s already been there,
she already knows.

And she lets me cry.
And she makes me laugh.
And she pours out enough love to overflow,
because you see,
she is a mother to a mom.
And sometimes,
A mom just knows.

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