I have always envied those “crafty” women in life.
You know the ones I’m talking about.
They are like female MacGyvers. You hand them a paper clip, sequins, spandex, a boa, and they will take it into a room with their sewing machine and come back with a ballroom gown that Cinderella would fight you for.

I was never one of those crafty women.

I’ve tried to be crafty in the past.
I would see something, maybe even on Pinterest,
post it to a board, and never think of it again.
Or, I would try to do something, get frustrated about half way into it because it was taking way longer than I anticipated, or was way above my skill level, and then do a rush job followed by an attempt to hide it from public viewing.

(There was also this one time I saw this
“Super Cute Easy Way to Curl Hair with a Straightening Iron!”
on Pintrest and attempted to duplicate it.
The picture had this girl with super model beach waves.
I came out looking like a poodle.
Whose hair was crimped in the 80’s.
I wore my hair in a bun that night.)

Either way, the point of the story was that I honestly believed I didn’t have a crafty bone in my body. I’d played around with bead weaving a little, made a few earrings, made a few bracelets, however, never truly had enough time to sit and work on something like making jewelry. Back when I was pregnant with my son, a friend’s mom tried to teach me how to crochet. I even believed I did a little, however, never finished anything and then forgot how.

Then I became a homemaker.
And my whole world started changing.

First, I learned how to Knit. Not only did I learn how to knit, I fell in love with knitting. I even went out and bought a crochet needle and have started learning how to incorporate crochet into my knitting. I have dreams of how I am going to intertwine these two fine arts. I have found myself writing out equations, asking for Graphing paper from Santa, and calculating patterns.

(Am I becoming one of those female MacGyvers?
By golly someone hand me a hot glue gun!)

Then came the holiday season. The most wonderful time of the year.

And I got excited!

I was ready to decorate. Ready to be creative.
Ready to take on the “Do-It-Yourself” crafting world!

There was only one glitch to this entire plan.
I have a hard time staying focused. Some of the awesome DIY projects I found had a list too long, or instructions too long, or was simply just way above the time, energy, and MONEY I wanted to put into something.

And more time on these things would cut into my knitting time.
(Just being honest. HA)

Before Thanksgiving, I found myself cruising Michaels before a grocery shopping trip. I have fallen in love with this store as it’s easy for me to run in and out to get yarn, and I usually have a coupon. Today I was simply wanting to wander around and dream a little.

As I walked up to the front doors I noticed these big bins outside full of fake evergreen garland, and behold, there was a sign.

50% Christmas Items Sale


I took a look at the pre-made decorated wreaths first inside the store.
They ran from $15 and up.
The cheap ones were pretty plain and not decorated in a way that “spoke” to me.
Then I took a look at the pre-made wreaths without decorations. $8.
Then I saw the garland, simply in a package, not yet made into a wreath. $4.


I knew I had pinned something about making wreaths. I scrambled to try and find my phone, bring up the app, just for the phone to freeze up on me and need to be rebooted.. Instead of trying to find a “how-to” list, I picked up the garland and looked at it.
It was made of wire. Pretty bendable. The more I looked at it in comparison to a pre-made wreath, the more I felt I could accomplish twisting this into a circular shape. Besides, buying it this way, I could get two for the price of one. I could make a wreath for the front door AND the side door.

Wheels started turning.

I grabbed my garland and made it into the store. To the right was a Christmas wonderland of color, glitter, and everything else that makes me smile with girly joy. I found some beautiful decorations that were priced very well with the sale. They were my decorations. Something I was going to pick out. Something that I was going to assemble and hang up to make my home warm and inviting so when my family came home they were filled with holiday spirits and smiles.

I was excited!

And so, I bring you my friend’s, my moment of feeling Crafty!
(Queue the MacGyver theme song on YouTube now!)

I was seriously very excited about my small accomplishment. I am especially thrilled that my family enjoys seeing the wreaths on the doors. My hope is that the Maine weather won’t completely ruin either one so I can re-use them next year. (The thrifty part of me wants multiple uses out of these bad boys!) I’m thinking the birds will need replacement, just because the feathers are looking a little ruffled after being out for a few weeks. (hee hee…that’s right…I said it.)

It’s just joyful for me. Some may think me silly, or that it’s stupid, or even that the wreaths are ugly. (GASP!) I think they are awesome. I think it is a wonderful blessing for me to be able to take my mind, which once was busy running a million miles a minute solving problems in corporate America, and instead use it to solve problems like how to make a wreath.
I consider this time in my life a blessing. A joy. Something that I am truly, deeply grateful for. I know that if/when I am called back into “career woman” mode I will go. For as long as I have the opportunity to be in “homemaker mom” mode, I’m going to do it. And I don’t just want to do it, I want to ROCK it, honor it, and praise the Lord for it.

So I give you yet another peek at my journey. THIS is new stuff for me. New unexplored lands. New ideas. New creativity. A different way in which to spread my wings and fly.
I’m going to be working on some other projects I have lined up. Like bow making for the Christmas presents. (That’s right, I’m MAKING MY OWN BOWS THIS YEAR! SQUEAL!). And I started making an Advent Calendar. (MORE EXCITED SQUEALS!).

I look forward to sharing more of my “crafty” adventures with you. And ya know what, if another Pinterest disaster occurs that leaves me looking like an 80’s crimped poodle, I’ll share that too. ^_^

Feel free to let me know what crafty awesomeness you’ve got going on!

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