Weigh In Wednesday: The Rushed Edition

I did not want to miss another Weigh in Wednesday because it truly has helped me. It’s great to have a day dedicated to sitting down, reviewing your goals, your progress, and sharing to help be accountable!


I’ve had a busy opening to the holiday season for sure! Which is a blessed and beautiful thing. So while I would normally spend my Wednesday mornings over coffee, analyzing and detailing my thoughts on my “health & fitness”, I instead spent this morning playing catch up from this weekend!

So today’s post will be rushed and bullet pointed. Let’s just do it and be real with it!

  • I have no idea what I weigh. I didn’t even step on the scale.
  • I didn’t step on the scale, because I haven’t worked out since I hurt my back. My back has been healed for a week, I just haven’t worked out.
  • I haven’t been tracking my nutrition. Or planning out my meals. Or staying hydrated.
  • I’m not going to bore you with five more bullet points about what I haven’t done, as we can clearly see at this point, I pretty much have NOT completed most of my goals.
  • I did say most.
  • I did my study. I had my quiet time. I refreshed and renewed my Spirit. I hit a bump with that too for a few days. Just got too “busy” over the weekend. Today, actually this afternoon, I had a choice between writing this blog or having my quiet time with the Lord. I chose the quiet time. Not out of obligation, out of a desire to be alone with the Lord. It wasn’t until after my quiet time, that I realized just how much I have missed it these last few days. I felt renewed. I felt replenished. I felt strengthened. It was wonderful.

Tonight, I am going to bed at a decent hour. I’m going to give my body the rest that it needs. Tomorrow, I’m going to review my “health” goals and a step at a time, get back to it. My first goal is to get cardio back into my life. It’s good for my heart, and my body physically. Actually, my first goal is to get water hydration back into my life, then add in cardio. I need the water to be able to do the cardio without cramping. THAT is good for my heart, my body, my mind. Oh this body was made to move and I’m going to move it!

(I sense dancing in my living room like a crazy lady to Lecrae in my future)

In closing (because I AM going to bed at a decent hour) I wanted to share with you another friend’s blog. She’s over at The Health WishShe posted a “Battle Plan” of Twelve steps to celebrate Christmas without compromising her health. I Love It. 

I love it, because it’s a plan. For those of us who are “foodies”, who( like me) emo eat, eat out of boredom, eat from stress, eat for the sake of eating and not because we are hungry, the holidays ARE a battleground. Of sweets, treats, fats, and almost an expectation from people that we are supposed to overeat as part of celebrating. I just don’t believe we are supposed to eat to a point of feeling like…well…”poo”.

I ramble.

Anyway, I share this because I think for all of us who struggle in this area on our journey, we should have a battle plan. I think I may just follow the plan on her blog. Maybe tomorrow I’ll print it out, and stick it somewhere I can refer to it.

OK. Time is up!

I hope everyone who is participating in Weigh in Wednesday is making wonderful and new discoveries on their journey to health!

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Check out The Health Wish where I got inspired to have a Battle plan!

6 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday: The Rushed Edition

    1. Thank you for stopping by as well! I hope you’ll also continue to link up for WIW, I’m looking forward to reading the elaborations on the thoughts you shared today. ^_^

  1. Why is it so easy to fall out of a healthy routine and so difficult to get back into it? I know how hard it is to overcome the inertia! Praying you can find whatever it takes to get back in the swing. Thanks for your willingness to be transparent. (And thanks for the plug!)

    1. Aww, thanks! I wish it was the other way around, easy to get on track and hard to get off! LOL! Oh well, until completion!!! ^_^
      And thanks for sharing your awesome battle plan and all your healthy tips, ideas, and research!

    1. Thank you my friend. ^_^ I love having someone that is honest, and inspiring, and helping me to try and stay accountable while they are doing the same thing! *hugs*


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