A Homemade Advent Gift Calendar

This year after we pulled out our Christmas decorations, I realized something. Somewhere out there,
there is a box which contains
our Christmas Tree Skirt,
more hanging blue and white star lights,
and our Advent calendar.

A box that I apparently threw out over the summer during a basement cleaning frenzy.
(This is what happens when I watch too many episodes of “Hoarders”.)

Luckily I scored a beautiful and simple Christmas Tree skirt for $3,
and we really didn’t need anymore lights.

All that was left was the Advent Calendar.

So of course, I turned to Pinterest.
I browsed so many calendars they all started to become merged and blurry.
I knew I wanted to make one.
Knew it needed to be easy enough to make in four days
(yes, I waited until the last minute),
and knew I wanted it to be from my heart.

One morning while drinking coffee at the table and thinking back over the very many different ideas floating through my head,
this is what came to me.

Blog Small-008

Blog Small-009

Blog Small-010

Blog Small-011

Blog Small-012

Now, a few things to go over.

1. I totally did not realize until AFTER I made my Advent Calendar, that they are only numbered from 1-24. Which is OK. I like the idea of having one final one to open Christmas Morning. I chose to have the Christmas Story of the birth of Christ included in my packages, so it will be nice to share that Christmas morning.

2. Do not spend all afternoon working on this, just to forget and leave out the opened Lego box for your son to find when he gets home from school.

3. Hug your son for agreeing to act surprised anyway.

There you have it!

I love it! I loved coloring clothes pins with my boy yesterday! I love seeing the cheerfulness of it hanging on the wall, and my son’s cheerfulness at having little packages to open every other day! (His step-sister doesn’t live with us, however, when she comes she will have the even numbers to catch us up!)

It was fun, and it was easy! I LOVE EASY!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lot of fun, filled with a lot of love this Christmas!
Do you have an Advent Calendar? Have you made one? Totally share if you have, I’d love to know/see other crafts! Or, if you use this for inspiration and come up with something completely different!

Either way, if you will recall from my earlier post, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

And I love having an Advent Calendar to bring a little Christmas joy each day.

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