One Word. One Year. One Savior.

I first learned about this concept of “One Word” via Must Love God.

I’m not entirely sure that I understand it myself.
What I am going to share here, is my understanding of it.

One Word.

One Word to take place of the “New Year’s Resolution“.

This One Word will be the sparkling centerpiece to the banquet of goals, dreams, hopes, and growth I desire to see accomplished in this New Year.

This One Word will be a focused prayer, for my Savior to use it, for Him to be the Chef in charge of the banquet, from every tiny appetizer to the  perfectly cooked and succulent main course. That in this next year of preparation, dicing, covering, adding, reducing, that in this one year, He will take this One Word, and from it He will serve the very nourishment my soul needs.

One Word.

So instead of a New Year’s Resolution,
I will join so many others in choosing One Word.

One Word that represents the heart of my New Year’s Resolutions.

And My One Word….


In my family, as wife and mother, serving my husband, son, and stepdaughter.
In my friendships, as I make myself available to serve others.
In my health, as I relinquish bad habits and gain new ones.
In my dreams, as I allow myself to write as He leads me.
In my hobbies, as I knit up a storm!

Oh Yes. Redeemed. That is my One Word for 2013.

Have you chosen a word? If so, what is it? Why?
My prayers are that you are encouraged in this New Year!

I look forward to reading the pieces of the journey so many others will be sharing with their one words, encouraging them, sharing the joys with them, and providing comfort for the stormy days.
I’m excited about my One Word.
Excited about how He is going to use it in ways I didn’t even think of.

Before I close out this blog, I’m sharing some of the blogs that have encouraged me and/or helped me discover the beauty of this One Word concept.

First, MustLoveGod. A beautiful group of writers. A wonderful place to gather with Sisters in Christ in the blogging world.
MustLoveGodSecondly, a blog I’ve totally mentioned before, MeredithSings. A friend whom I am thankful for so very much, encouraged by, and whom God has used to help push me along in my own path!


And finally for today, OnlyABreath, whom I just met today through Meredith’s blog! However, what a joy to meet a new Sister! And, she has created the BEAUTIFUL “One Word” buttons that many of us are using (also my big image included in this blog!)! I’m grateful for her servant’s heart to create such a beautiful button and share it with us!


Happy New Year!
In Love & Faith,

4 thoughts on “One Word. One Year. One Savior.

  1. I love the way you described your understanding of the “One Word” project – beautifully done! And “redeemed” – a weighty, glorious concept. All the best to you as you pursue your one word this year ~

  2. Hi Razella. Shalom. I came to your site via Pastor Shockley.
    If I was to make one word my resolution for the year it would be Serve. I find that serving Christ by serving others is tremendously gratifying. Not to boast but, wherever I go I seem to be led to someone with a problem which leads me to sharing the Good News of Christ with them.
    Simple little things that so many overlook. Even holding a door open. Pushing a grocery cart for a lady through the snowy parking lot. Stopping to help a kid put the chain back on his bike.These all can lead to sharing Christ while doing a simple act of kindness.
    Thank you so much for sharing your word and allowing me to share mine.
    God bless you and your family. Now go back to your knitting.

    1. So very true how many opportunities we have to Share Christ, His love, His salvation, through serving others and following that example He lived for us.
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your word! I hope the Lord uses it to grow you and draw you closer to Him this year! ^_^ And yes, every once and awhile I do take a few moments to get back to Knitting! 🙂 LOL!


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