FMF: Afraid To

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Today’s Word: Afraid

Afraid To

The act of making an attempt,
yet not being successful.
The attempt.
Eliminate the attempt
you eliminate the failure.
Or have you only increased the rate of failure?
Is the lack of an attempt
in itself,
Yet the attempt is scary.
Especially if you find yourself,
attempting again.

What if it doesn’t work?
What if I can’t succeed?
What if I tell people this thing that I am about to attempt,
and I fail?

And so it comes,
not failure itself,
yet being afraid of failure.

Fear is such a tricky thing.
It catches your breath.
It makes you hesitate.
It causes you to stop so suddenly,
and at times,
For so long,
that it freezes you in place.

Being afraid to try is worse than Failure,
because then we never know,
if we would have failed.

We rob ourselves of growth.
We rob ourselves of learning.
We rob ourselves of Victory.

I am afraid to fail.
I am afraid to try.
I am more afraid to remain frozen in this place,
until I look up to see that time has completely passed me by.

So I’ll reach out to take a hand.
My husband’s.
A friend’s.
My Savior’s.

I will turn away from this place of fear,
I will take the first tentative step,
and I will try.
And maybe,
I will fail.
At first.
At second.
At third.

Yet fear,
being afraid,
will not stop me from Victory.


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In Love & Faith,

8 thoughts on “FMF: Afraid To

  1. Razella, I enjoyed your thoughts on this #FMF. Being “more afraid to stay frozen in this place” often brings action for me too! Sometimes things we are afraid of paralyze us, but I think you have the key – knowing to reach out and then act. Better than staying “frozen” as time passes by! Thanks for stopping by today.


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