Beneath the Robes

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Today’s Word: BARE

Ready. Set.

Beneath the Robes

We gather together,
not all scholars,
or teachers of the law,
yet we come with our layers,
our robes,
tied tightly around our waist,
draping down to our feet,
lined up to our necks.

We smile and we shake hands.
We may even allow a hug.
We speak,
yet with a certain caution,
a caution to keep the robe tightly closed,
close to our bodies,
to our hearts,
covering safely everything,
least one another should see.

We raise our hands and we sing our praise.
We come together to call out glory to His name.
And it is truly a beautiful sight to behold.
It is truly a beautiful calling of His Holy Spirit.

Yet we still hold tightly the robes.
We cling to the robes,
the fear, the shame, the suffering, the worrying,
we cling to the robes so no one else can see us,
no one except for Him.

But what if.
Just once.

We threw open our robes,
and lay bare our wounds?

What if.
Just once.

We removed the layers of robes,
and looked at one another,
and saw the journey, the fear, the wondering, the shame,
the guilt, the hope, the struggle?

Would we judge?

Or would we love?

Would we condemn?

Or would we encourage?

Would we see our brothers and sisters bare,
and cover them in prayer?
In Love? In Service?
Would we be the neighbor who stopped,
to bandage their wounds?
And as we bandaged theirs,
felt the relief of another coming to bandage ours?

God’s Love is Enough.
God’s Forgiveness is Enough.
We Love Him First.
Are we truly Loving Each Other second?


 photo 237_zpsb2c9cf0d.jpg

In Love & Faith,

8 thoughts on “Beneath the Robes

  1. Wow! Robes off is what real church should look like right? It’s the hard part about what we are called to do, because to truly love we must be true. We just recently stepped out in some faith at our church and decided to join a small group and get to know some people and be willing to be vulnerable, and it was surpisingly hard but has already been so rewarding.

    1. Oh how WONDERFUL! We have only just recently stepped out in faith to offer to host/lead a small group! That’s so neat how He calls His people together! My prayer for you is that He uses your small group to draw you closer to Him in fellowship and friendship. 🙂

  2. I’m so thankful that you read my FMF post so that I would come to see yours!

    I have been so blessed to find a church that is filled with authentic, honest people. There is no pretense of perfection, just a desire to know HIM more every second of every day.

  3. “But what if.
    Just once.

    We threw open our robes,
    and lay bare our wounds?”

    Thank you for this. You just reminded me that our wounds, our testimonies, the hurts and pains grow us and draw other people to the loving arms of our Father. We must be vulnerable and bare our wounds…

  4. RaZella, you have such a beautiful way with words. What a gift and true blessing to share your words with us. Here’s to throwing open our robes and laying bare our wounds. “What if. Just once.” Amen and amen.

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