Whole30 – The Second Update

Wellness WednesdayWelcome to Wednesday! An exciting Wednesday for me! Today we took our family’s first skiing trip of the season and it was WONDERFUL! Fantastic weather, not crowded, just the way I like it.

It took a few runs before I remembered how to find my balance and make turns. Once I did, I was ready to push myself a little. There was one particular trail I had in mind to conquer.

Last year, this trail kicked my behind. End of the day, ski patrol is skiing down to make sure all trails are cleared. I had ski patrol follow me all the way down, and I pretty much fell down every single time I tried to turn. (I lost count at how many times I fell down, with an audience to watch no less! The poor hubs felt so bad!)

So today, I was ready to tackle it. Tackle it I did, yet, did not conquer. The only two falls I took today were on what my husband and I now lovingly refer to as “Snow Patrol Hill”. (That’s OK, I’m still hopeful to conquer it later this season.) 😉

Today was gorgeous, beautiful, and wonderful sharing the fun and excitement with hubs and son. You know it’s a good day of skiing when as you peel out of the car, everyone limping a little, and everyone still smiling.

Which brings me to my second Whole30 update.


I faced a few challenges, like unavoidable late nights. One of those late nights resulted in us sitting in a parked car, sharing the smallest jar of green olives and smallest bag of pistachios I could find in the grocery store, to hold us over until we could make it home to dinner.

Another challenge was changing up the menu. In the beginning we had a lot of repeat meals as I was learning how to follow the meal guide, what portion sizes each person should have, and how to shop for it.
This week I included some new dishes. It was a big hit for the family, and a big hit to the amount of times I had to wash pots and pans. Stainless Steel Pans and S.O.S. pads became a reoccurring theme for me.

Our Ski trip today had it’s own set of challenges. When I made the weekly meal plan, I didn’t know we were going skiing. So I had to change things around a bit and a find a Whole30 chili to make that both hubs and son would enjoy. I also anticipated the fact we would be exerting a lot of energy, so some carb dense veggies were a must. Plus packing the son some non Whole30 stuff.

Yesterday afternoon, I boiled and shredded 3 lbs of chicken for “Power Salads”, prepped two huge bowls of veggies for the Power Salads, made the chili for today, made roasted garlic butternut squash for today, and then also some “cauliflower rice” to serve under left over “stir fry pork” for dinner last night.

Every. Pot. And. Pan. In. The. House. Was. Dirty.
Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration. 
Every pot and pan except for like, two, were dirty.
Back to the S.O.S. Pads. 

All of that kitchen marathon work yesterday was worth it though,
because today was great.

My Album 2-003

Other Accomplishments thus far with the Whole30:

    • The hubs! He is a type II diabetic, usually struggling to get his sugars to come DOWN. The last 6 days, he’s been steadily DECREASING his medications to avoid going too LOW. It’s unreal. He’s VERY excited about it and VERY excited about seeing blood sugars consistently in the normal range. WOW & PRAISE!
    • Exercising! I did Power90 Friday, Saturday, & Monday. Snowshoeing Tuesday and skiing today. YAY!
    • The hubs noticed changes in my body composition around Day 9. Today (Day 12) as I was getting dressed for skiing, I noticed changes too, like my “trouble spots” suspiciously appearing less troubling.
    • I am still sleeping wonderfully. I keep waiting for insomnia to hit. It doesn’t. Praise the Lord for REST.
    • Food tastes MUCH better to me. Veggies are DELICIOUS!
    • I’m staying within our food budget. SCORE!
    • The terrible-very-bad-no-good acne is finally going away! YAY!

This upcoming week, I think my biggest challenge will be my Birthday. Yes, I chose to do the Whole30 during my birthday month, meaning no red-velvet cake and ice cream, no wine and cheese.
When I made this decision, I told my husband it was because the Whole30 was my birthday gift to myself. It’s the last birthday before the big 3-0. I’ve spent most of my 20’s with an unhealthy self-image and yo-yo dieting. Not something I want to carry into the next one.

I am going to research different meal plans and come up with a very special Whole30 birthday dinner. YUM!

I’m very excited with how the Lord is using this 30 days to draw me closer to Him, and help me overcome some struggles I’ve had with food. I’m also excited (even with all the pots and pans) to be cooking so many different new and flavorful dishes. I even made homemade BBQ sauce. The boys LOVED it.

Some of the recipes I used this week? Here they are!

        1. Taco Beef Soup and BBQ sauce – From “It Starts With Food“. 
        2. Spinach-Mushroom Breakfast Casserole delicious and easy
        3. Cauliflower RiceEven my son liked this one!
        4. The following I found through Foodee. Love This Site!

I also try to “Pin” all the Whole30 recipes I discover and have shared with me on my Whole30 Pinterest Board.

I’m still linking up with the lovely ladies over at Kim’s Weigh In Wednesday Link up!

They have weekly challenges, and while I don’t fully participate in the “physical” challenges (yet), I have been drinking my water and meal planning!

I hope everyone is finding success with their health goals and journeys. Looking forward to seeing what this next week brings! 🙂

In Love & Faith,

8 thoughts on “Whole30 – The Second Update

  1. What a fantastic update!
    And you are staying n your food budget???? You are amazing and I want to take notes.

    This is all so inspiring!
    And I love your winter layout, and the winter blog theme. 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you! Yes, we are staying within the food budget, which has been remarkable to say the least! Although a bit time consuming at least one day a week because of the amount of planning that goes into staying within the budget. It’s working though! And I totally took a girly blog day yesterday to re-design the layout LOL. 🙂

  2. Such wonderful accomplishments! I’m so glad you have chosen to become healthier so early in life…. It’s so much harder if you wait until you are well in your 50’s…. I’m going to check out those recipes! Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement as well! I hope you find some of those recipes yummy! And I feel the Lord will bless all of us, regardless of age, when we make the active choice to take care of our health in a positive way. Yay for us for making that choice!

  3. It sounds like you are really on the right track, RaZella, keep up the good work! I have to read up on the Whole30 plan, hadn’t heard of that before. Lately I’ve been trying lately to get at least 7 fruits and vegies a day, including one from each of the 5 colors, and eating more beans, plus the healthy grains, and some lean proteins. Since I began doing that, I’ve been sleeping better too. Isn’t it crazy how even the sleep is affected by our diet? I’ve going to check out your Pinterest boards too. 🙂

    1. It is amazing how greatly what we eat affects our sleep and energy. Way to go for focusing on healthier food choices. I am hoping the Whole30 jump starts life long healthier habits for me. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


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