Whole30 – DAY 20!!!

Hello Friends, welcome to another Wellness Wednesday where I hold myself accountable by sharing my journey of health. I’ve learned it’s not just about physical health, it’s also about spiritual health. Before I get into this week’s update, I’d first like to invite you to read my contributing post over at MustLoveGod this month, where I share the conviction the Lord placed on my heart as that is what lead me to my decision to participate in the Whole30.


Now, onto this weeks update 🙂


This past week has had some major “Ah-Ha” moments, as well as some challenges.
There is a LOT of work that goes into food preparation because of my meal plan. This is the week I found myself taking a deep breath, accepting I needed to wash the pots and pans…again…for the 4th time…in one day. That I indeed would be chopping vegetables….again…and cooking meat….again….and not using the microwave or quickly slapping together a sandwhich…I’d be cooking a meal…again.

One day when I was feeling frustrated with my new pattern I had a “Ah-Ha”.
When did we as a culture become so busy in our lives that cooking a meal became a “burden” instead of “part of our routine”?
I started to think about how food would have been so much more work long ago because more people would have had their own gardens, their own livestock, they would have worked cultivating their food from start to finish. Somewhere along the road I took on the mindset of “fast food”. Give it to me now, let me chow down so I can keep on going. I realized this week I needed to make some priority changes and sit down to really think about food preparation and how to make it realistically obtainable for the long term.

There are some things I didn’t do as much of this week (like play games on my phone :p), however, I also came up with some awesome ideas. I cooked up sweet potato bites (just roasted into small bite sized squares) for my carb/veggie portion of my post-workout snack for the week, and other little things like this.

Looking at the meal plan, I made some “easier” decisions that we can keep up with. For example, making the fabulous egg casserole recipe on Saturdays, because it means Sunday and Monday mornings we won’t have to worry about breakfast because it’s a only a matter of popping it in the microwave (my hubby made it this last weekend as part of my birthday weekend, he added olives, it.was.amazing).

Also making sure to have more “simple” meals. Instead of trying to find a “new” recipe, I realized I don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Cook a meat (pork chops, chicken wings, steak, turkey, Cornish hen, etc) and serve with mixed veggies (out of steamer bags). This really helped on nights we had a lot going on.

I also discovered it’s important to stick with food I know I’ll love. We have a specific food budget, so when I spend money on ingredients and cook something, I’m going to eat it.
There was one lunch I literally forced down. My husband didn’t think it was all that bad. I thought it was the end of the world.
I must confess, I complained, made horrible faces, and acted like a four year old eating brussles sprouts. (Luckily my son wasn’t home to see this, HA!). I will say I do not believe in, nor will ever again attempt, using avocado as the main ingredient in a soup. *shiver*

Praise this week:

  • I made my son a PB&J sandwich and didn’t feel overwhelmed to eat a spoonful of Grape Jelly like I normally would.
  • I carried a pepperoni pizza to a friend, without a “I must have pizza” feeling.
  • I have survived WELL for several days only having ONE cup of coffee.
  • I have still not had any issues with insomnia. AMAZING.
  • I feel more “amped” when I exercise. I look forward to exercise.
  • Grocery shopping is easier every week.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve lost weight. I won’t know until the end. Honestly, and I’m surprised myself at saying this, it’s really a side-note in comparison to how much BETTER I feel overall. I’m not sure I can really explain just how much more energy I have, how less achy and “blah” I feel.
  • Most rewarding: I am NOT turning to food first. I am consistently turning to our Lord. Ironically enough, although this past week had the biggest “grrr” moment with the frustration in the kitchen, as I continued to give that frustration to Him, He continued to speak to me through His word and convict me through His Holy Spirit, and I gained MORE peace. THAT has been the most amazing thing.

Today is day 20 of my Whole30. Only 10 more days to go. I’ve never committed to something like this for my Physical Health and stuck with it this long. I feel confident I am establishing what will be lasting habits that will benefit myself and my family for years to come.

Oh – and how did the Birthday go? My husband spoiled me by taking over the kitchen and doing ALL the food prep and cooking the ENTIRE DAY. He did GREAT! Plus I got spoiled by him and my mom with wonderful unexpected Birthday/Valentines Gifts.

My Album 2-004
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Breakfast was the casserole I mentioned above, and dinner was an AMAZING coconut salmon with pineapple-mango relish. Sadly, we didn’t find unsweetened coconut so we made ours without it, however, loved it SO much as soon as we find some we will be making it again! The relish was so deliciously delicious I didn’t even miss cake. 🙂

I’m still linking up with Kim’s “Weigh-In Wednesdays“, a fantastic group of encouraging women I truly enjoy linking up with.
Also this week, I have discovered through MommaKristi a Wellness Wednesday link up at IntoxicatedOnLife. After cruising their site, I plan to link up with them as well. I highly recommend checking it out.

Grab button for Wellness WednesdayIt has been an incredible week and I look forward to continuing my Whole30 journey. I hope you all are finding success in your personal journey to health and wellness. I truly hope in moments of weakness or feelings of failure you are drawing from the strength of our source for hope and true encouragement in Christ. May you set your goals for this upcoming week and start reaching towards them now. 🙂

In Love & Faith,

7 thoughts on “Whole30 – DAY 20!!!

  1. Hi RaZella,
    Thanks for the shout out and I’m happy to have you linking up with us on Wellness Wednesdays!

    Sounds like your journey towards wellness is going really well. I know since dragging my family along with me I cook a LOT. Our focus is on meat, fats, and veggies. When I cook I try to cook a LOT of food so we have leftovers. I also try to take one day out of the week and cook up a lot of food ahead of time (breakfast meats, almond/coconut flour muffins, sugar-free choco-peanut butter candy, etc). I still cook a lot during the week, but it helps me not feel like I’m spending all of my time in the kitchen.

    Happy belated birthday 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks for the belated Birthday! I am learning to cook “double batches” with some meals so the leftovers can be used for another meal. Def need to do that MORE often! I do want to keep meats, fats, and veggies in our long term meal planning. I am totally going to have to check out some of the recipes on your website for the future!

    1. Thank you so much for the belated birthday! Yes, menu planning is surely work, however, it’s so GREAT to just KNOW how the week is going to go. It does make grocery shopping so much easier. The Reward is TOTALLY worth it. 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a great link up each week, I appreciate and enjoy it!

  2. Hi RaZella, For easier meals think about things you can cook in big batches and make different meals from for the next 2-3 nights or have one big cooking day every week or two making up meals for the freezer. Rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store is also a great healthy “fast food” that can be added to the menu plan every week. There are lots of shortcuts you can take to still have a good healthy meal on the table each night without having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. So glad you stopped by today 🙂


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