Day 27 of Whole30 and Injury

Whole30It’s day 27 of my Whole30 Program. I’m only 3 days away from completion. Food choices, meal planning, and grocery shopping are much easier than they were during that first week. I took a lot of suggestions I got from last week’s post and this week cooked double batches of meals so that way every single day was not spent “re-inventing” the wheel. THANKS EVERYONE! 🙂

I started this program because of the conviction I felt about making food an idol. Trying to use food to fill the emotional “void” whenever I was upset, disappointed, or frustrated. I believe the Lord has used this program to draw me closer to Him. To help me see just how “addictive” some of my food choices were, as well as to recognize the instances when I needed to focus on Him first. This has been the greatest blessing of the journey so far.

Additionally, I have felt better physically as a whole. I’ve not been bloated. I have had more energy throughout the day. I have been sleeping much better at night. I don’t spend time in-between meals thinking about food, and I still greatly enjoy the tastes, flavors, and smells of food when I do eat. Only once this week (yesterday) did I struggle with a desire to “mow”.

Less than a year ago I injured my back weight lifting. I was out of commission for a week. Then a few months ago while being silly with my husband (trying to prevent him from yawning) that same spot locked up, twinged, and was re-injured, leaving me in pain for several days.

Yesterday, I handed a friend a container of half and half cream for their coffee, and that same spot on my back violently locked up, twinged, and now aches. Making it difficult to walk, stand, bend, sleep, etc.

Emotionally, this injury is extremely frustrating for several reasons. The routine of exercising is now going on hold, again. The commitments I made to help others, I’ve now had to miss some and may end up missing more. If the snowy weather heading this way doesn’t cancel the Bible study I enjoy on Wednesday nights, I’ll be missing it due to my inability to sit long enough to go. Last night was the first night in a long time I didn’t sleep well, because every move woke me up. Deep down I wonder fearfully, “is this just the way it’s going to be from now on? Every so many months my back just giving out on me?

Wellness isn’t just physical, it’s also emotional. This morning, I let my emotions be in control of my thoughts instead of letting Truth be my thoughts. When Truth is what I focus my thinking around, then my emotions follow Truth. 

How does this all tie into Wellness Wednesday for me?

Truth is, I have hurt my back. Sheer force and willpower is not going to make it heal. What I can do, is take care of myself physically and call my chiropractor for an appointment while my body does what God designed it to do, heal.

Truth is, just like the scale does not define who I am, my exercise routine does not define who I am. Exercise is a gift from God as a way for me to take care of my physical body. Just like rest is a gift from God to take care of myself physically and spiritually when I need to.

Truth is, my friends are my friends and will understand if I’m unable to help with something because I am injured. They would not want me to further injure myself trying to “be the hero”.

Truth is, my family loves me, and they understand having to “do my job” around the house when I am unable to. Again, my family does not want me trying to “be the hero” and hurting myself even more. They would rather I heal than wash dishes. It’s OK for dishes to get dirty and sit around until someone is available to clean them. Just because they are there, doesn’t mean I have to be the one to do them. It’s OK for things to not go exactly the way I expect them to go.

What I can do –
Take the opportunity to spend some quiet time with Him.
Read my Bible study so I am prepared and not behind for when I can go.
Make a new meal plan and grocery shopping list to keep the momentum going for our new healthy lifestyle when it comes to food.
Knit. Because I love knitting and it doesn’t involve a lot of moving. 🙂

My hope and prayer for next Wednesday is that I’m back up and at it! I’m taking the rest of this week off with exercise regardless of how quickly my back heals, to make sure I don’t re-injure myself. Next Wednesday I’ll also weigh in and take my measurements to see where I am at in regards to my health goal for weighing in.

Grab button for Wellness Wednesday

I’m still linking up with the awesome ladies at Weigh In Wednesday and the great resources of Wellness Wednesday. I highly recommend both as great resources, wonderful encouragement, and to help have accountability.

My hope and prayer for everyone who is trying to grow on the journey to Wellness, is that they are realizing their need for Christ to be part of such a journey. That they are discovering where changes are needed, and finding victory through Him for the needed transformations to start taking place.

In Love & Faith,

2 thoughts on “Day 27 of Whole30 and Injury

  1. Great update and reminder to focus on truth. It’s so easy to lose perspective of what matters in the eternal sense. I know I always need a reminder to keep God #1 and everything else after that.

    Glad to hear your eating plan has been going well and cooking has been moving along more smoothly! So glad to have you linking up with us on Wellness Wednesdays.

    Take care of yourself, get some rest, and hopefully your back will heal quickly 🙂

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am resting for sure, back is still edgy however, it’s better than the day before so I’m hopeful to be good to go fully over the weekend. Thanks for hosting the Wellness Wednesdays! And yes, I frequently have to remind myself to keep God as #1. 🙂


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