Wellness Wednesday: Let Him Make It Possible

This is my first Wellness Wednesday post of NOT doing the Whole30.
I was going share how post-Whole30 is going. Then as I started typing, something happened. So I’m holding off on that update and instead going with the “what happened”…..

I want to share my personal thoughts about HOW to take those first steps towards better health. It’s hard to “get there“. It’s hard to make new habits. It does take an effort. I believe that effort is worth it.

  1. God must be first. I 100% believe if we are trying to be healthier WITHOUT including our Lord, without prayer, without leaning on Him for strength, without seeking Him and His wisdom in the process, without allowing His Grace to Embrace Us, we will not be able to succeed. 
  2. We must have knowledge. I believe we combat lies from Satan by stating truths from God’s Word. It’s what Jesus did when He was being tempted by Satan, He spoke Truth in the face of Satan’s lies. We need to know “truths” about health, so that when we are tempted to give up, or don’t “feel” like it, we can speak truth as to WHY we will live a healthier life.
      • One truth that really helps me: Remembering my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. My body is a gift, specifically designed for me by God. I want to honor the gift of my body He has made just for me by taking care of it. This means spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
      • Reading about nutrition and learning nutritional facts has helped me. This takes effort to seek out nutritional information and to use discernment with the information you find. I personally recommend reading It Starts With Food. I also recommend checking out Intoxicated on Life, I’ve really enjoyed some of their health articles. Like TheHealthWish on Facebook, she shares some great articles from time to time. The only other suggestion I can make, use the Google Search engine to your advantage. Ask friends whom you know are living healthier lifestyles. Learn about nutrition, what your body needs, and start reading labels.
  3. Have a Realistic Plan. Figure out what you want to accomplish and using the information you have been reading and researching in step 2, make a plan. Be honest with yourself. If you’ve been here and done this before and feel that you failed, be honest as to why you failed. Was it that you didn’t feel like it? Remember, when your emotions don’t “feel like it“, you’ve got to speak truth to yourself. Was it that you didn’t have time? Be realistic about your time. Be realistic about giving up an hour of TV in the evening to prepare your lunch for the next day. Remember, it takes effort to learn new habits, healthier lifestyles. It won’t just magically appear. Lean on God for the strength of self-discipline to do what needs to be done. Grow in that fruit of the spirit. It will not only help in this area, it will bleed into other areas as well.
  4. Find a Support System. Family is great, this is true, however, family doesn’t want to be the wall you run up against when you aren’t feeling like it. Family doesn’t always want to push you because let’s be honest, sometimes when we are being pushed we tend to push back. So find even more support. Especially if you have struggled again and again with this area of your life. Find someone whom is living the healthier lifestyle you seek, and ask them to be your accountability partner. Check in with them on a planned basis, once a day, once a week. Find an online support system or group. I found a Facebook group of women who are amazing. I also joined a Facebook exercise challenge for my specific workout plan. There are sites such as SparkPeople with tons of groups you can get involved in. Not to mention websites such as MustLoveGod which host link-ups for accountability on Thursdays. Find other people and get plugged in. Encourage and be encouraged by them. This way, you have the support and encouragement of your family (my husband’s support has been wonderful) AND you also have support from people who may be more willing to push you when you need to be pushed.
  5. Get Back On The Horse. You stumble. You trip. You fall. Get up, get back on, re-work the plan, re-evaluate what is realistic for you, get in prayer with God about why you “fell of the horse“, ask Him for what you need, and keep going. A long time ago I read in a pamphlet at the Doctor’s office that the average person who is trying to quit smoking will “quit” seven times before REALLY successfully quitting. I can tell you, it’s true. I’ve also heard that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. If that’s true, then I have to think that the average person trying to eat healthier, trying to make exercise a habit, will try several times before REALLY successfully establishing those healthier habits.  I cannot over-emphasize how important it is to fuel your body with nutrition. You cannot physically have the energy to make exercise a habit when your body is not being fueled properly. It is so vital. Don’t allow guilt or shame or feelings of failure stop you. Christ died for you to free you from the bondage of sin. Do you struggle with gluttony? I did. Do you struggle with making food an idol before God? I did. Go to Him. Confess of any sin revealed to you in this process, repent of any sin, turn from it, and keep going forward with His Grace as Your Savior. You may think I’m crazy saying this when it comes to eating and exercise. I only say it because of everything the Lord laid on my heart in my journey. I had some sins I wasn’t aware of, and it wasn’t until I got those out on the table and addressed them with Him that I was then Free to make the changes I needed to make.

I know we neglect to give every part of our lives to God. It is a life long process for us. However, I believe we don’t even think about giving Him something as “trivial” as how we eat. The weight we want to lose. The feelings of failure we have when we try and don’t succeed. We push full steam ahead all by ourselves. Then can’t figure out why it isn’t working.
The other thing, from my personal journey, is that as I handed over this part of my life to Him, He gave me more realistic expectations. He spoke truths to me above and over the culture’s truths about how I should look. It became less about “looking good” and more about being healthier. That alone is freeing. I hate the check-out line of the grocery store. Magazines on either side of air-brushed, photo-shopped, half dressed women telling me how I should look. No wonder we have such un-realistic expectations of ourselves, masked as “trying to get healthy”. I believe it’s the bondage of our culture. Preventing us from realizing who we are as women in the eyes of our loving Father. Preventing us from growing from the inside out because we become so distracted with the outside that the outside begins to bleed into our insides.

I apologize if I sound like I’m preaching at you. I feel overwhelmed with passion to try and convey that with Christ, all things are possible. To try and give hope to every woman who is beating herself up with feelings of failure when it comes to body image, how she eats. Who is tired and run-down from poor nutrition. Who, every time she looks in the mirror she sees errors and “ugliness” instead of God’s image, His creation, His love. If that’s where you are, I simply encourage you to seek Him. Fall before Him and pour it all out to Him. If it is causing your soul distress, if it is wearing shame and guilt on you, if it is a cycle of failure, it is not trivial. Give it to Him. Let Him take it from you and let Him clothe you with His Grace. Find brothers and sisters and start making changes, being encouraged, giving encouragement. Let Him use this one area of your life to show you what He can do with it. Let it be what starts infusing all areas of your life.

That is my hope for you.
In Love & Faith,

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3 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Let Him Make It Possible

    1. Thank you, I hope that maybe it will encourage someone out there who needs encouragement. I am looking forward next week to sharing how our Post Whole30 is going! 🙂


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