And Suddenly Life Went Crazy

Isn’t that how it happens? One moment you’re living your nice routine, balancing the beauty of quiet time and serving, when out of no where something happens and *BAM* you find yourself sitting down one night thinking “Woah…..

That’s where I’ve found myself the last few days. It’s not even a bad woah, let me explain…

I’m reading Radical by David Platt with my church in Sunday School.

422211: Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American DreamBy David Platt

It is intense. It is convicting. So much so the first chapter left me sobbing in my husband’s arms and struggling to grasp the reality of my life in comparison to the reality of God.

In the early chapters of the book, I see his heart for the Secret Church, the body of Christ that meets in secret due to persecution in countries with no such thing as “tolerance”. Next I came across one of Platt’s “tweets” with the hashtag #SC13. This lead to discovering on Good Friday, there was going to be a Secret Church simulcast!

My husband and I felt lead to sign up as a small group and offer our home as a place for those interested in joining us. We were indeed a small group, however, it was amazing. Nearly 7 hours of diving into His Word and prayer and worship and “WOAH” moments.

Four days later – still trying to process all the information.
My husband and I are having conversations about things

I never would have dreamed we would talk about.
While I don’t know where these conversations will lead in the long term,

or the short term,
what I do know is we feel the tug to try and keep stepping out in faith.
We will see where our Lord leads us.

It was after 2AM when we made it to bed, with our minds and thoughts overflowing.
Next Came Busy.

We had already committed to helping friends move before finding out about the Secret Church simulcast, so, we were up by 8am Saturday to get awake (COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE) and get out. We were even almost on time. 🙂
What we totally forgot, was that we also had “chair team” this weekend with our church. So after moving, we went straight to the church to set up chairs. We were absolutely ready for bed Saturday night!

Sunday we had to change our plans around a bit due to various things. It was Easter and somehow we were still “busy”. Not bad mind you, and we did take some family time to relax and be together. Yet busy was still lingering in the air….

Monday became a sneak-up-on-you kind of busy! Back to back appointments and unexpected news. It was so busy we got dinner at McDonalds! While this may not seem like a big deal, I think this was the first time we’ve “eaten out” since January! Later at some point yesterday, I remembered today I was babysitting precious twin two year olds for a friend. So of course, last night is when sleep eluded me! After only a few hours of sleep, I was up again, more coffee, hair nearly on top of my head in a crazy looking bun, rushing out the door with a to-do list in my mind created by the unexpected news from the day before! Bless my friend though, even though I was certain I looked like a wreck, she told me I looked very pretty today! She totally made my day with that unexpected compliment! 🙂

Babysitting, errands, and I’ve spent most of tonight getting paperwork together for something the hubs and I are trying to tackle. I love when someone gives you a huge list of paperwork they need and then add in bold “within the next 24 to 48 hours“.

So here’s the thing. The Important Thing.
I feel the busy trying to take root in my heart.
I feel it weighing down my thoughts, allowing an open door
for anxiety to try reaching into my life
to fill my mind with untrue thoughts and fears.
Bless my dear husband, who made me stop for a few moments today
and reminded me to breath and “speak truth” to me.

Speaking truth.

Busy becomes dangerous when the busy starts to take our focus away from Truth.
Truth of our Lord, our Savior, our God.

Do I have a to-do list tomorrow? You bet. Tonight though, I am committing to starting my day with some quiet time. I’m ready to drink in some quiet time with Christ, in His Word, and in Prayer.

I didn’t get a chance to update my Matthew reading, so I’m going to take this week to go back over it. Honestly, I haven’t touched it since Friday. I also missed my CMA last week, which is OK. Have I crushed the serpent?  No, however, I’ve certainly put pressure on it’s head and feel confident the crushing is just around the corner!

Tonight’s Post is simply an encouragement. If you find yourself like me, suddenly busy and exhausted and unbalanced, take the moment to force yourself to slow down and pray without distraction, read without limit, and breath in Christ, allowing His Holy Spirit back in the driver’s seat.

I’m convinced, we only feel unbalanced when we’ve tried
to take the steering away from Him.

In Love & Faith,

2 thoughts on “And Suddenly Life Went Crazy

  1. Amen…. that’s where the unbalance and the overwhelmed come from… You are right.
    Take it back, Jesus— I don’t want to try to drive anymore!!

    Love you… we need to see your faces soon. What do you think?
    PS.. Jonathan is turning 3 on Thursday!! Eeek! How does this happen???


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