The New – The Quiet – The Rest – The Well

Today I am bowing out from my traditional Wellness Wednesday post.
Don’t worry, I have a topic all picked out for next week
I’m both excited and passionate about sharing. 

Today I’m taking a moment to think about New Life.
New Goals. New Hopes. New Dreams.
A New Life in Christ.

 photo 480a5672-c661-47a9-8965-350143e02c2c_zpsdfa5dcaf.jpg

Please join me today at MustLoveGod where I share a little about my yearning for Spring and my yearning for His New Life.

And then, feel free to also join me over at Liz’s blog for 20 Versus You Love Most.

Imagine my surprise and joy when I discovered the first verse Liz shares,
is the verse that has my heart today.
A verse I chose weeks ago when I wrote my post for MustLoveGod
and forgot about,
until this morning,
when I re-read my own writing and was reminded of my own yearning.

Today I’m taking some time to be in the quiet with my Lord.
To take a moment of rest, reclaiming myself from the busy.
My goal is to tackle the to-do list today well, with peace, without letting the busy come in and take over.

So my challenge this Wellness Wednesday:
Remember you are a New Creation. Whatever old things are trying to reclaim you, or take over for you, take hold of the New Life Christ offers and let the old pass away.
Stop the busy from taking over, and take a moment of quiet, of peace, of stillness in Him. Rest in Him for the moment to find His balance and His will.
Then rise to tackle the list and the needs in your life, and tackle them well, because He is in control and not the busy.

In Love & Faith,


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