WIW: I have returned, and That’s OK

With all of my recent focus on wellness, nutrition, and getting back into the swing of meal planning I have not participated in a “weigh-in” Wednesday for awhile.

I have mixed emotions about weighing in.

There was once a time I believed it healthy to check in with my weight weekly, because it kept me accountable and real about myself. However, there are often times I put too much focus and emphasis into my self-worth according to the scale instead of my value as being adopted by Christ.
On the one hand, I’m more content with my physical body the less I look in a mirror and the less I step on the scale.
On the other hand, I haven’t disciplined myself enough to maintain healthy habits for the long term because the weight always creeps back on after weeks of not stepping on the scale.

Then there is the new aspect thrown into the mix.

The guilty/unnerving/overwhelming feeling.

A feeling the sneaks in at the thought of participating in any kind of Wellness Wednesday or Weigh-in-Wednesday or anything else. I read a book (review coming Tuesday – BE WARNED AND PREPARED) that has caused me to stop and think about things waaaaaaaay outside of my little box.
Sometimes to the point I get discouraged about things I used to find encouragement in, like participating in WIW.

However, today, I stepped on the scale. This morning in the quiet of the house (because I was up at 5AM, TOTALLY UNUSUAL for me) I was on the scale being honest with myself and the Lord about my health journey.

There have been some awesome things in my health journey so far this year:

  • No More Soda in the house. I still have it at times outside of the house, my next step, is to cease doing that.
  • Other unhealthy snack foods are making less and less of an appearance at home.  This last week, for whatever reason, in my restlessness I kept going through all the cabinets and the pantry looking for something to “mow”. Thankfully, we didn’t have anything because I haven’t been buying junky-mow-food. Score.
  • My nutritional knowledge is MUCH better than it once was. As a whole, my family is eating MUCH healthier than in the past on a more regular basis.

There are still areas in my health journey I am struggling with:

  • Exercising regularly. I’m all in or not at all. I need to step back and get realistic about it.
  • Discipline: I need to exercise early in the day. Waiting just guarantees I’ll put it off until it doesn’t happen. TRUTH MOMENT: My waiting is due to my LAZINESS 99% of the time.
  • Self-Control: I do not need seconds and thirds.

I committed to using a meal plan again. That indeed has helped, and I plan to continue using it.

The other focus for this week?

  • Use my Elliptical daily – take a break from the weight lifting.
  • DRINK WATER before coffee. If I drink coffee first, then coffee follows, and I drink WAY more coffee than I need. When I drink water first, it sets a pace for my day which is really good for me.
  • Make small daily Health Goals. I’m not sure exactly how this is going to look yet, however, decided in the mornings after my Bible study, I’m going to make a small health goal for that day and pray about it. It’s only though His Holy Spirit I’ll develop the self-control and discipline I’m seeking.

Later this week I’m going to read a book my mom is sending me. I recommended “It Starts With Food” to her and am looking forward to her thoughts on it. She in turn recommended a nutritional book to me and is sending me other goodies to see what I think. More on that next Wednesday. 😉

So – Weigh In Wednesday – we meet again.

Today’s Weight: 141.1 (+6.1 lbs)
Goal Weight: 130
Total Weight Loss Since Health Journey Began: -8.9 lbs

I’m sure my lack of water this past week has contributed some of these pounds. And the celebrating out to eat for my son’s promotion out of elementary school and into middle school. Mainly because of that whole self-control thing I mentioned earlier. Like ordering something good and healthy instead of pounds of fried food. Today is a new day!

Let’s do this friends, I’m back to encourage and be encouraged. Because I believe the Lord meets us where we are. I also believe He will continue to grow my heart for issues in the world. He will show me how I can be where I am, growing to where I’m going to go, without feeling guilt in both. Guilt leaves me doing nothing for either part. I believe He’ll have victories through me in both parts. Because He’s just GREAT like that.  🙂

In Love & Faith,

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10 thoughts on “WIW: I have returned, and That’s OK

  1. I’m so glad you joined in this week for WIW! I loved reading your thoughts. And I do believe that as we learn to abide in the Lord the fruit of the Spirit will naturally become evident. And one of the fruits is …self-control. I need that one for sure. I love that we can interact and help and encourage one another.

    Blessings and love,

    1. Me too! I’m sure in some area or another we can all use a bit of that fruit of the Spirit. 🙂 Loved your post today too by the way! Looking forward to encouraging one another as we work to establish better and healthy habits!

  2. RaZella, you’ve made some great strides and are forming new habits. That’s great! I’m glad you are back. Glad I’m back. I’m here to encourage and be encouraged as well. We can do this!

    1. Yes we can do this! Having the encouragement of the group totally helps to re-awaken my motivation. I love how we can lift one another up through this process. Glad you are back as well and looking forward to next week’s check in!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. My hope is the Lord can use my writing to encourage others to seek Him no matter what their struggles are, because He is Faithful and all Glory goes to Him. 🙂 I’m blessed by the encouraging people He brings in my life!

  3. First of all…. thanks for linking up and sharing your great post! Second, love the little WIW button you made…. I might need to do something like that for all of us to use! 🙂 Third, I so agree with your post…. I’m FINALLY at a place where I’m not trying to be a size that’s unrealistic. I am content with how I look even though I’m 20 pounds heavier than I was. What I want is balance and being able to enjoy yet not over indulge. To make mostly good eating choices and to enjoy moderate exercise without it being an obsession OR doing nothing at all. Great post Friend!!!

    1. Thanks on the button, actually, all I did was just resize your blog title LOL, until you come out with an “official” button. 😉 Which I look forward to!
      Looking forward to this journey of HEALTH and WELLNESS, not just numbers. I finally feel like I’m looking at health for what it is and not a magazine cover in the grocery store check out line. Thanks again as always for hosting!

  4. I love this post, RaZella, it is so encouraging to me to know I’m not the only one with similar issues. I, also, need to make sure I get water in BEFORE my coffee, as I’m such a coffee drinker. And I really like the daily goal idea and taking the time during my morning quiet time to talk to the Lord about it. Have a great week!!

    1. Thank you, I hope you have a fabulous week as well. The daily morning quiet time and checking in with the Lord on my “Daily Goal” is certainly helping me to remain accountable more throughout the day. I def think it’s a “keeper” to my Wellness plan! 🙂


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