One Word: June Update: Redeemed

Since my introduction post for joining the One Word challenge, I’ve missed every monthly link up. As I sip my coffee this morning, I’ve decided to take a few moments to share how the Lord has used my One Word in my life this year.


Last year I experienced the Lord’s faithfulness.
Through my mistakes and the resulting pain,
the Lord was faithful to help me see I am redeemed in Him.
Though my confession and repentance,
He was faithful to help me shed layers of shame.
Faithful to convict me about keeping my eyes on Him.
This was why I chose the word Redeemed to be my focus for 2013.

The Bible:
One of the things the Lord laid on my heart through choosing this word was the fact I’ve never read my entire Bible. That I wasn’t consistent with reading my Bible daily. Realizing the importance of Scripture, studying the Word, knowing His teachings and hiding them in my heart, I decided to start with the New Testament.

I’ve been remarkably blessed reading through His Word. I committed to blogging through His Word for two reasons; to share His Word and possibly inspire others to pick up their Bibles and read along, as well as keep myself accountable. Thus far I have completed the book of Matthew and am currently half-way through the book of Mark. I have chosen to take 12 weeks to read each book as this allows me to focus and meditate on a few chapters at a time.  I would love to have you join me on this journey of reading through His Word. You can follow along on the blog or on Facebook

The Lord placed in my focus His calling to be part of His community.

I started joining Sunday School classes in church and actually attending them. I stayed with my Wednesday night woman’s group until it completed last month. Both of these brought me closer to others.
I continue to host a knitting group a few times a month and have gotten to know several women I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to know. A true blessing.
One of these women I have become very close too. We started doing a small weekly study together to help encourage us to grow in our roles as Godly women. It has been incredible.
My husband and I also started hosting a small group in our home. It’s a privilege to open our home to others and spend time together in community.

As someone who once avoided people due to feelings of anxiety, I now find myself wanting to spend time with others. To fellowship, worship, share, laugh, and cry together. It’s a beautiful gift of the redeemed life.

I feel I have room to grow in this area. I also know I am growing. My prayer time with the Lord becomes more and more of a treasured time between us. The more I pray alone and on my own, the easier I find it to pray with my family. To pray with others.
Examples would be praying over my son when he’s anxious about something or is going to have to be disciplined. It keeps my focus on Christ and lets my son know I am actively praying for him and concerned for him.
I find myself praying over my husband more, which makes me feel closer to him. The Lord is cultivating an even deeper love for him through my prayers for him. It is an honor and gift to pray for my husband daily.
It is also a gift and blessing to pray for all of the other people in my life. In my daily planner I sectioned off part of it for prayer requests. I have become more diligent at writing these requests down so I do not forget to bring them before the Lord on behalf of those who have asked for such prayer. It blesses me tremendously in the process.
Recently, I started praying for the world.
I am thankful for the many different ways the Lord is revealing to me the importance and power of His prayer.
If you’d like to pray for the World along with me, follow along on Twitter or Facebook.

An area I know I’m not alone in struggling with. This is the first year I feel like I am making good strides towards better overall wellness. It started in February when my husband and I completed the Whole30. I learned a lot about nutrition, food, my reactions to food, and how to cook overall better/healthier meals. I also confessed I was using food as an idol before the Lord. That alone was something huge for me and He has been faithful to lift those chains of bondage.

Since then I’ve backslid a little. I am confident with our re commitment this week we will quickly be back on a focused healthy track.
My mother is also on her own health journey and has shared with me what is working for her. After reading an interesting book she sent us, we’ve decided we are going to go wheat free. For the purposes of not writing a ridiculously long blog, more on that in Wednesday’s upcoming blog.
I also re-joined the WIW link up which will help me stay accountable in this area as I continue working towards long term health. Covering my struggles in prayer and taking care of the body the Lord gave me while being realistic, and not succumbing to making my self-worth about weight.

Other Things
Some of the other things the Lord has revealed to me about a redeemed life is raising my son in the way he should go. With summer, I will be doing devotionals with him, encouraging him to also be in God’s word daily and helping him seek God with his struggles.

Serving others has been laid on my heart. Our family did our first short-term missions trip this year and I was incredibly blessed by it. It had such a profound impact on my heart that I am already excited to go again as soon as the opportunity arises. There are other small areas where we have stopped to pray, asking the Lord how we can help, or what we can do. He has provided us answers and we are blessed to give and serve as he brings those opportunities to our attention. It is truly a blessing in a way I’m not sure I could describe here.

It has been an amazing journey thus far, living life with the word Redeemed always in the back of my mind.
Thinking about what it means to live a redeemed life.
I look forward to how the Lord will continue to use my one word to grow me throughout the rest of this year.

In Love & Faith,

Join us at OnlyABreath for the One Word link up. Let us know how you are doing with your One Word so we may encourage and uplift you.

5 thoughts on “One Word: June Update: Redeemed

  1. Praising the Lord with you for all that He is doing in your life! Thank you for sharing your world as you inspire me too, RaZella!
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Thank you for your kind words my friend! Our God is truly awesome and all the Glory belongs to Him. I love how He puts us into each others lives to keep us inspired and pressing onward. 🙂

  2. I have been reading through the gospels the past month and am so blessed by it. I pray your time in the Word will be equally renewing for you. It’s always time well spent because He redeems it! Love your OneWord. It sounds like the Lord is moving in amazing ways in your life through it. So glad you shared this update.


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