Wellness Wednesday and Financial Peace

For those following along with the Mark Study, please excuse the delay. The final post for Mark will be here next week.
For the book review portion of these, please skip on down to the bottom 🙂

It’s Wednesday. I try to use Wednesdays to think about my wellness goals, hold myself accountable to them.
I have a confession to make.
I was really excited to Weigh In today.

I moved up to level two  on the 30DS. Last time I tried this workout, it was right about now I gave up. Not being able to exercise and breathe at the same time was a turn off for me. I believe when exercising I need to push myself. I’m aware of my own laziness. It’s possible this 30 minutes of exercise will be the majority of my movement for the DAY at times. I also believe trying to commit to a program that’s too physically intense is a waste of time and energy. A constant feeling of failure isn’t going to motivate me to show up the next day and do it again.

Over the last year I have been doing more. So this time I could feel the difference in my body, my energy, and my ability. Hence why even though it’s intense right now and I’m sore all over again like I was in the first four days, I feel like I’m accomplishing something and want to keep pushing on.

So with a smile I stepped on the scale:

Last Weigh-In: 136.6lbs
Today’s Weight: 136.2lbs (-0.4)
Bottom Line: +6.2 lbs from Goal

That defeated feeling crept up and in and over with rapid speed. It lingered all morning.

Then came the domino effect. Maybe you’ve experienced this?

Thoughts of “Why bother with this? My husband loves me, who cares about weight? I could eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Why bother exercising? This is just too much work. It’s taking too long. How much does this really matter in the grand scheme of things?”

Then a very quiet thought, in the very back of my self-pity and frustration, barely audible yet recognizable the whispered “How much does this matter? Ask why does this matter?

The Why isn’t about a number on the scale.
The Why is about my food addictions. About food easily and quickly becoming my IDOL.
About the number on the scale becoming my IDOL.
About finding strength in a God who offers me complete freedom from bondage, guilt, and shame through His son, even though I have done nothing to deserve it.
About truths – my body being a temple of the Holy Spirit.  My body needing to be in motion to stay healthy.
About seeking Him in this journey of bringing my body under control and using it to honor Him. Having Faith that He will help me do this.

It’s the Why I needed to remind myself of today.
It’s the Why that helped me eventually change into my workout clothes, pop the DVD in the player, and put in twenty minutes of intensity as Jillian would say.
And it’s the Why that lead me to the elliptical to put in twenty more minutes of cardio for this beating heart of mine.

Then I realized something else.
Our God is unbelievably perfect. He knows I need exercise to stay healthy. He knows my flesh would rather work one day and rest six. So He designed my body to release endorphins when I exercise. To relax my body and reduce my stress. To literally give me a “good feeling” so after I get started I honestly enjoy it. WOW.

The other thing I wanted to share with you was a book I read.
During one of my elliptical training times, I began thinking about all the different aspects of life “Wellness” could apply to.

 photo TOMHANKS_zps2aa8b9f3.jpg
The mind wanders when you have a wall and Tom Hanks to stare at for 20 minutes

I’ve been thinking about finances this month because my husband and I had some major financial prayers, and thankfully, major financial blessings. With the blessings came a new financial prayer, for wisdom, discipline, and the ability to have an open hand with our finances for the Lord’s purposes. I decided with all the research and reading I do on nutrition and exercise, maybe it was time to take a few days and research finances.

I stopped by my church library and checked out the financial shelf. I love my church library. I saw two Dave Ramsey books and decided to start with him, mainly because I’ve heard good things about him through the grapevine.

I decided to read while on the elliptical and I could not put the first book down. It’s his Financial Peace*.

I think what I needed most from the book was the understanding of just how dangerous debt is. Facing how much of the culture’s buy-in I’ve accepted over the years that “debt is the norm”.

I like Ramsey’s writing style. It’s very easy to follow. I came across a few sentences that made me literally laugh out loud. For example, “Avoid the lifestyles of the rich when you are not rich“. I mean, that should be common sense right? I know there are times when I NEED to hear that. Hence why I laughed. Followed by “You must find your income level and live below that mark“. Another chuckle from me.

I don’t believe Ramsey is the end-all be-all of financial knowledge. I think there is a danger in putting too much focus on “building your personal wealth” against the many teachings of Christ.
I do believe savings is a smart idea, and planning for a retirement that would not burden your children is smart too.  I now have a new appreciation to understand the slavery debt is.
Ultimately I think it’s more about submitting the numbers to the Lord’s will over your own, something I’m sure I will struggle with until the day I die.

Ramsey has some great advice on getting out of debt, things to consider in a monthly budget, and even suggestions on teaching kids about finances before they are grown and on their own. The book made me really take a hard honest look at my view of money, my spending, and gave me some insight as to what I do and why I do it. It helped me realize things I need to be in prayer with the Lord about when it comes to me and money, and it left me with a written plan my husband and I are committed to.

These were my wellness lessons this week.
The reminder I needed yet again about WHY I am on this journey to physical health, and realizing financial wellness is important too.

Button Size

Oh, and one more thing! Realizing I’ve finally developed enough balance to read while on the elliptical. FANTASTIC.
I look forward to utilizing this new ability for researching all areas of “wellness”.

How did your week go?

In Love & Faith,


32085: Financial Peace: Revisited Financial Peace: RevisitedBy Dave Ramsey

Want to get out of debt and stay out? Financial Peace Revisited gives you the tools to understand why you are in debt, create a budget you can stick to, set goals you can achieve, and make things right for you and your family emotionally, spiritually, and financially, for good. Updated version of the bestseller Financial Peace includes new chapters on marriage, singles, kids, and families.


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2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday and Financial Peace

  1. We are big Ramsey fans—did the class at church last year and have found peace and freedom as we work our way out of the poor financial decisions we’ve made over time, and change our thinking about money and “stuff”. With God’s help, we will be completely debt-free (including our mortgage) in a little over 5 years! He does talk about “wealth-building”, but he also talks about the fact that we are to tithe, and GIVE. Personally, we don’t feel a need to build “wealth” (because our treasure is in heaven!), and are starting this process at too old an age to really accumulate much anyway. Our goal is simply to be out of debt, not have that millstone around our necks anymore, and be free to do things like volunteering with Samaritan’s Purse and Team Rubicon. Enjoy the journey—it’s definitely worth it! 🙂

    1. I wish we would have made it to an actual class, however, we also didn’t want to wait for one so I thought I’d grab the books! I love how you point out it is with God’s help, cause that is so true! And yes, our treasure is in heaven! I’m hoping that with our new written plan we can really start taking those steps to get out of the debt and make ourselves more available to do things like Samaritan’s Purse too. Thanks for sharing how it worked for you, I find that so encouraging!


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