The Imperfect Journey In Need of Grace

I haven’t checked in on Wednesday in awhile. This week seemed like the perfect time to start again as I find myself back in the trenches of a familiar battle.

My battle with food. Food as an idol. Food as a comfort.
Too much food. Not the right kind of food.
First world food problems.

In addition to my own food problems, my husband is a diabetic. When I bring unhealthy foods into the house and eat them, so does he. When I cook unhealthy foods to pig out on, so does he. So it was no surprise when his latest doctor’s appointment revealed his A1C’s were back up.

I walk my imperfect journey of health much like I walk the imperfect journey of my life. There are seasons of sprinting towards the finish line with the sun shining and a smile on my face. Then seasons of pouring rain and tripping in mud puddles as I try to figure out if I’m even facing the right direction.

The Imperfect Journey is Me.

This morning I took a moment to look out my window and try to be content after a loving reminder from my husband;

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. ~Philippians 4:12

As I watched blue jays and squirrels in the green grass beneath my bird feeder, the sun peeking through fog and clouds long enough to light the air golden and shimmer off the remaining burnt orange leaves of a Maine autumn, I realized I live “in plenty”.  How is it that I fall into a pattern of allowing my emotions to slowly bring me back to an unhealthy place?

So this morning I prayed for perseverance. Perseverance to overcome the cycle and break free of it’s chains. Perseverance to stay facing the right direction in sun or rain, whether sprinting or walking. I also prayed for the Truth of His Grace to pour over me. Grace for my imperfections. Grace to carry me through when weak. Grace to keep me centered in Truth. Grace to cover my imperfect journey as I continue to learn and realize only He is perfect.

The Perfect Journey is only found In Christ.
And it is walked imperfectly by imperfect people.

Which for today, brings me to the “health” part of my journey. After my husband’s doctor visit, we sat down and decided together we wanted to do another Whole30. Just like when we quit smoking, for us, we had to make the decision and go all in. We couldn’t hedge. We couldn’t have “cheat days”. The only way for us to break the addiction was to break it. So we decided when it comes to poor eating habits and “comfort food” that does anything except comfort our bodies physically, we needed to go all in and break them. So we started Monday.

We have already faced the reality of how unhealthy we have been. Last night as we sat down to dinner, we were both a bit moody and a smidge headachy. This morning at breakfast even though the meal was delicious and I am sated, we looked at each other and said “carb flu sucks”. I’m looking forward to coming around the bend of sugars and carbs in a few more days.  I’m also going to have a squash or sweet potato with lunch and dinner for the next few days to help the transition. (Carb dense veggies are a life saver.) The hubs sugars are already starting to trend down slowly. I’m making him test every morning so I can write it down and we can both feel encouraged by the real life results.

The hubs is also re-committed to joining me in Power90 workouts, and I’m committed to go walking more often with him outside. This week getting that started has not worked out too well, however, we are both pretty confident we will be exercising today.

I’m not enforcing a Whole30 lifestyle on my son, although I plan to get more whole foods in his diet. Like any kid he loves Lucky Charms for breakfast and processed lunch snacks. To avoid full rebellion I’ll be a little sneaky. Not buy as much cereal, processed foods, and figure out which whole foods he loves the most and learn fun delicious ways to turn them into school lunches. “Operation Healthy Food For the Man-Child”. More to come on that later.

For meal planning and prepping, repetition is my friend.
Sunday made an egg casserole which has been breakfast for the last three days. Every dinner is cooked as a double batch so the next day’s lunch is already prepared. I’m only having to prep and cook once or twice a day instead of all three meals. It’s a huge time saver.

The Weigh In part? I’m not sure how I feel anymore about “weigh-ins”. I came across articles this week in different forums and groups that pointed me back to one thought: “The world teaches our daughters/sons to be skinny. So who is teaching them to be healthy?” I am hoping my journey will be one that leads me to teaching my son true health and not the world’s “skinny”.

So I’m back for awhile to check in on Wednesdays. I am looking forward to where the journey will lead. 🙂

If you are on the same journey to health and are looking for accountability, encouragement, tips, help, and ideas, please think about joining me in one or both of these awesome places:

Kim’s blog hosts a link up each week, and there is also a beautiful facebook group one can find encouragement through the rest of the week.
A great resource blog where health/nutritional information is shared each week.
You can also find me on Sparkpeople, a great tool for keeping track of goals and nutrition. I’ll be posting a “daily report” on my SP blog for this second round of Whole30.

In Love & Faith,

3 thoughts on “The Imperfect Journey In Need of Grace

  1. I love when you wrote:
    “The perfect journey is only found in Christ. And it is walked imperfectly by imperfect people.”

    That includes me as I’m so grateful for His grace and mercy.

    May you be encouraged by our support as you establish healthy habits for a lifetime for your family.

    Blessings and love,

    1. Yes and yes! 🙂 I am very encouraged by the ladies in our group. Especially today as you all encouraged me to remember my beauty is found in Christ. May we continue to grow closer to Him as He brings us to victory in our journey’s of health! And may we bring Glory to Him through it as well. 🙂


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