And The Snow Outside Is Still Falling

It has been too long since I’ve sat down at the computer and written a blog.
With the death of my laptop came the struggle to find alone time to write. Not only that, life has been insanely busy in my little corner of the world!

My grandson (yes, that’s right, I am officially in the grammies club!) was born five days before Christmas. Before you question the possibility of this I will share the secret: he is the first born son of my step-daughter. And he is absolutely precious.
As if that wasn’t enough, my sister-in-law came to Maine with my one year old niece I had yet to meet. I got to snuggle her in the mornings and catch up with my sister, moments to treasure for sure.
To add to this, my brother and his girl friend came to Maine for the first time! Our time together was absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful he came.
We were also dog sitting so we had an extra puppy in the house. He was a huge snuggle bug and fit right in my lap to cuddle which I loved. (maybe I can convince the hubs another puppy should be in our future…hee hee)
In all of this we’ve had ice storm after snow storm and bitterly freezing temperatures (today the high has been -1). While the short days and cold temperatures usually get me down, I’ve been focusing on the fact that we will be gaining a half hour of daylight in the month of January. THAT is EXCITING.

Also Exciting – I have a new laptop! (Thanks Mom!) Today has been the first day I’ve camped out at the kitchen table, raspberry tea in my “shoe and leopard” cup, blinds opened to the falling snow outside, and looked here at the blog.

I decided a good starting place would be my One Word for 2014. Of course, to bring in the New, let me take a moment to look at the past.



In 2013 the Lord taught me some important things through my one word choice.

First, a redeemed life is a life lived under His Grace. I will always be growing, falling short, and needing the cover of His Grace.
Christ is the only one who could pay the debt for sin, and in humility He came from Heaven to Earth to accomplish it. Through it He brings glory to God the Father and provides us a way to true salvation. Christ is what the redeemed life is all about. 

I also learned it’s about community, seeking wisdom, being transparent, forgiving the past and seeking Him to heal old wounds.

As the year came to an end, that last part lingered.
I felt the Holy Spirit kept bringing me to the lesson I’ll never reach the finish line until Christ calls me home. My goal is to press on until then.
Now He seems to be bringing me to a more specific lesson: in a fallen world I might never be “healed” yet will always be “healing”. Old wounds can run deeper than we realize and when one layer is healed another can be revealed. In a world full of sin new hurts await around the corner.
The beauty is that we have a Healer always waiting for us to lay our cares on Him and place our trust in Him to heal and transform.

As I thought about the journey of forgiveness, healing, and God as our comforter, none of those words seemed to fully capture on their own the idea brewing in my mind. I turned to a thesaurus and then to a dictionary, and that’s when I came across these definitions:

– to make (something broken, worn, torn, or otherwise damaged) whole, sound, or usable by repairing
– to remove or correct defects or errors in
– to set right; make better; imporve
– to progress toward recovery
– to grow back together; to knit

The word was “mend”. I choose the word Mending because it’s a journey that doesn’t reach completion until we are with Christ. It’s ongoing, it’s now, it’s tomorrow, it’s part of a daily walk with the Lord. It’s His Work in my heart, my mind, and my soul.

OneWord2014 BIGSIZE


What else might you find going on here in 2014?

The Luke study! I have been completing the study with a friend, so I may do things a little differently than the last two studies.

Weigh in Wednesday! As a sneak peek, the hubs and I started our committed Round Two of the Whole30 on January 1st with many others.

Five Minute Fridays! To pick back up poetry and photography.

Book Reviews! Expect two this month for sure.

Selling! Some of my knit and crochet wears – nothing extreme. Just to see if I can make a little extra yarn money here and there.

And whatever else the Lord may lay on my heart in the moment.

This New Year is going to be a big one. I’m going to focus on enjoying it and being content in all things.
I’m turning 30, my son is becoming a teenager, I have some out of state trips planned that I’m both excited and anxious about, and I’ll be celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my best friend!

So here is to the New Year!
In Love and Faith,


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