When the Good News Keeps You Motivated

Wednesday – the time I join Kim and my other WIW FB girls to “weigh in” on life.

Last week I shared some of my goals for the month of January. I’m thankful to say that so far, I’m still on track. Today marks the half way point in this round of Whole 30 for the hubs and I.


Sometimes when you tell people you are going to eliminate a whole bunch of foods, they give you the one raised eyebrow. They offer you a small cookie, creamer for your coffee, and it’s not to sabotage you, they figure if you are eliminating it MOST of the time, you’re fine with a little bit here and there. Which would be true if you were indeed making healthy choices MOST of the time. That is the ultimate goal.

Instead of trying to commit to what can feel like an overwhelming life-long goal, I’ve decided to focus on monthly goals. Friends and family have been very supportive. Last night we had a wonderful family gathering with the kids, my in-laws, and my adorable grandson! We made venison stew and my father-in-law brought over a *most delicious* Whole30 approved salad! He also brought home-made bread for those not doing Whole30, bringing just enough to share without any leftovers to tempt us.. Thankful for that!

 photo 1601087_10152540701268642_769762433_n_zps9891038f.jpg
Grandlilman isn’t ready for Whole30 Stew, which is Ok, Grammies loved the bottle snuggle time she got with him.

Now the uh-oh. When we started this round, I was in the “Can I Have” forum with lots of little stuff. When the hubs wanted a few white potatoes in our stew along with all the other veggies, I didn’t check. I said “sure, it’s a vegetable”, and alas…. white potatoes would be a “no” on the Whole30 rules.

How does this effect my goal for completing a Whole30? I asked the gurus in the forum, and as long as I skip the white potatoes from here on out, I have a green light to go ahead and not have to restart back to day one. Whew!

I did face extreme temptation this week at a luncheon provided by our church. The temptation was sour cream (my numbero uno weakness), cheese, chips, and something called brownie cake. Ironically enough, I found it far easier to pass up the brownie cake than I did the sour cream and cheese. The good news, I passed it all up and stuck with a salad until I made it out to the car where I could eat my boiled eggs and cooked spinach I’d pre-packed.

The really good news? The hubs had a doctor’s appointment and his A1C’s are already trending downward and he has lost some weight! His fasting sugars are looking better and better every day. This is the kind of news we expected to see because of the success we had last time. It’s the motivational news we needed to encourage us to make some healthy long-term changes in our eating habits.

We. Are. Motivated. 

And with healthy long term changes, I wanted to share a great new recipe the hubs came up with!

 photo be2624ed-5136-4a0c-a18d-41c3216f0d24_zps6ddeeb13.jpg


Coconut oil
Sweet potatoes
Bell Pepper

Heat up coconut oil on med to high heat. Cut sweet potato into small cubes, then throw in oil and cook until begins to lightly brown and is soft. Throw in chopped bell pepper and onion. Cook til onions are translucent. Wa-lah. So yummy!

Exercise goals:  Cardio is still my biggest struggle. I put it off until I absolutely can’t put it off anymore, then when I do it, about half way through I feel so energized and happy I think I could do a second round! I’ve gone back to my Power90 DVD’s. Exercise is good for me. I know this. Between the added exercise and the cut off of caffeine at noon, I am sleeping WONDERFULLY. Just the improved sleep alone is WORTH doing this. Motivation.

What I am MOST excited about however, is the upciming MadeToCrave OBS with Proverbs 31. I mentioned it last week, and I must mention it again because I took a sneak peak and read Chapter One.


 photo unnamed_zps7c535c7e.jpg

Let me tell you, in one chapter I found myself digging deep. Deep into things that have driven me to turn to food for comfort and I discovered a wound I thought was healed. The beautiful part is, it lead me to stop writing, close the journal, and cry. Not the big ugly sob, the quiet silent sob. The one that breaths out the pain, and breaths in His comfort. It caught me off guard how deep the book took me right off the bat. I look at this book with it’s pretty blue cover and bright white and red lettering and am excited how the Lord will use it to help me grow. I also had to smile because I feel like in a way, He was saying “you are the one who chose the word Mending for your one word, now, let me mend you and make you whole in Me.”

I’ve decided I am going to also write down my “motivation reminders” in my journal too. My hope is that it will help me see how I am growing spiritually and see how healthy changes benefit me physically. The good news already with my husband’s health is a blessing.

Last week I shared that 1 Timothy 4:8 was my “theme” verse this year for this part of my journey. To train my mind, I am going to pick some scripture the MTC book focuses on and focus on it myself, maybe even try to memorize it. For Chapter One, I chose the following;

How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD Almighty! MY soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. ~Psalm 84:1-2

I chose this because it is a reminder to me the Lord is my dwelling place. He is the living God who can satisfy all my cravings and desires, because He is what I ultimately want to desire more than anything else.

How is your health journey going? Are you trying Whole30 or gearing up for the Made To Crave study? Or simply just trying to stick to your resolutions for the year? Join me on Wednesdays to weigh-in on what’s going on and we can encourage one another on our journeys!

In Love and Faith,


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