Better Is One Day in Weakness For Him

It’s time to join Proverbs 31 Ministries for today’s Blog Hop in the Made To Crave online bible study!

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P31 OBS Blog Hop

For this week’s topic, I decided to really focus on our memory verse for the week.
 photo 010dd8f1-2f94-4bef-a046-b30d1ea2ecea_zps6c92d83c.png

Memorizing scripture for some reason is difficult for me. I can remember absurd details about conversations, and my husband and son both know that I’m the go-to person in the house to ask “where is __________”, (unless of course, it’s something of mine, and then I’ve misplaced it in some obscure location that it takes us forever to find). When it comes to memorizing scripture however, I seem to go blank.

So, I started with saving it as a screen saver on my phone. Every time I look at my phone, the above graphic is what I see. I found myself stopping and just reading it over and over. Then I wrote it down on an index card, and as I took time to look at it and think about, I started jotting down my thoughts.
 photo weekoneverse_zps6f406c8b.jpg

Of all the different things I wrote down, the one thought that has seemed to etch itself into my mind more than the others is this;

When my soul yearns for the Lord, for His presence, with an intense longing, it makes me weak. I lose my own strength because my desire for Him is so overpowering. It is at this point, when I am faint and weak, that His power is made perfect in me. His Holy Spirit dwells within me so I can be in His presence. I can worship Him and cry out to Him with my whole being. His Holy Spirit also cries out on my behalf and groans for me. He is the Living God. Ever Faithful. Ever True. It is the Living God that I long for, that I cry out for, with all that I am, and it is all that I am which He wants. Total surrender to Him. He wants me. He wants you. 

The more I read over this verse, the more I find myself in the middle of my day, in my mundane moments, wanting to pause for a moment and just cry out to Him. It might be just to praise Him. It might be just to ask Him for more patience or wisdom or strength.

In the middle of one of these moments I even wrote a little song based on this verse! I found myself singing it to Him all day, until my voice turned scratchy. ( I would share with you, however, it’s still a work in progress, like me. Maybe someday 😉 ) And guess what, it stuck. I actually memorized the verse.

What I learned this week with this verse, is that it’s OK to long for Him. It’s OK to long for Him so much, I’m weak. Ready to faint. Unable to take another step before stopping and crying out to Him with all I am. In that moment, in His presence, He gives me His strength, and His power. It is truly drinking from a spiritual fountain that I sometimes fly by in my “busyness”. The longing for Him, He has placed within me, so I can be weak and turn to Him again and again. To be filled and renewed by Him.

Oh what a spectacular God we serve.

Lastly, I also realized there was another song this verse kept trying to prick out of my mind. It took me a few days, however, it finally burst forth. It is Matt Redman’s “Better is One Day“. So of course, I found myself singing this one at the top of my lungs as well!

Might I invite you to take a moment out of your busy and hectic schedule, hit play, and just let your soul yearn and faint for Him?

In Love & Faith,

5 thoughts on “Better Is One Day in Weakness For Him

  1. Thank you so much for sharing how you verse mapped the verse of the week. I love how God is speaking to you and through you. We are #empowered to seek after Him when temptation strikes. Keep pressing forward. Many blessings, Vashti M (P31 OBS Blog Hop Team)

  2. I loved it & I love you! You make me smile & your photos are awesome! I’m so proud to be in the same group with you ❤

  3. Thank you so much for sharing it! I really like your thoughts about the verse. it really made me think about the verse! A real eyeopener!!


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