When You Are So Excited And You Just Can’t Hide It – Weigh In Wednesday

I’ve been missing from WIW the last six weeks because I’ve been on a different journey. The Made to Crave bible study with Proverbs31MinistriesBlog Versus-0032

It was so much more than I thought it would be. SO. MUCH. MORE.

Where does that leave me for WIW? With some confessions and some new goals.

Confession – I did not complete my second round of Whole30. I made it to day 27 before I had to eat what was available which meant ending my Whole30 a few days early. Whole30 is still something I find to be very helpful and will more than likely commit to doing it once a year. It really is that good.

Confession – I have not completed Power90 – yet. Week six is going to require a start over due to traveling, sickness, and then just not getting back on track. This week I’m going to go back to level 1 & 2 to get back into my groove, then start week six over again next week.

Now onto the new.

The new is I’ve learned some valuable lessons through the Made To Crave bible study, and I don’t want to lose those lessons. I’ve decided 2014 will be my year to #CraveGod when it comes to my fitness journey. I’ve continued with Proverbs31Ministries and am now participating in the Made to Crave Action Plan.

Week One MTCAP

My weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. So let’s Weigh In on how I’m doing thus far on my goals:

Fiber Goal: Takes effort! Meal planning is the only way to make this happen without taking supplements, which is my personal goal. What does this really mean for me? Discipline and self-control. Areas I know are the Lord’s will for me to grow in. Turning to Him and His power more and my own power less.
Water Goal: Totally working! I even have my husband joining me on this goal. It does make a noticeable difference, a wonderful benefit.

Lessons this week I am thinking about:

 photo ActionPlanWeek1a_zpsd842d76f.jpg

A setback is just a set up for a comeback.” LOVE THIS. My weaknesses are a way God is made strong in me – it puts such a different twist on things. Instead of despair, it’s hope. Instead of failure, it’s humility. Instead of giving in, it’s giving up to God, and moving on.
Victory is not a destination. Victory is a path. A path God wants to walk with me. This is something the Lord spoke into my heart as I finished Made To Crave. Realizing that a “goal weight” is not an end, it’s just a beginning, was a huge revelation to me. Huge in how God is using this journey to teach me how to do all things to His Glory, including whatever I eat or drink.
His Grace Is Enough. So what if I’ve struggled with this for a year? What if I’ve struggled with this for two years? Or for the rest of my life? God is never tired of me bringing it to Him. He wants me to bring it to Him. It’s only as I continue to bring this struggle to Him that He will continue to reveal where I need to confess and repent, so that He can help me change it. He does love me right where I am. He loves me enough to not want to leave me where I am, He wants me to grow, He wants me to walk the path of victory.

It’s amazing how logically I’ve know things for a long time. Yet something is clicking inside. Clicking in a way that is truly helping me to see more.

 photo ActionPlanWeek1b_zps4031a308.jpg

I am ready to make changes and not excuses. I am ready to continue drawing closer to God through this journey.


I guess that is the best part about this journey to health. On a heart level, I have finally tied in how my relationship with food and exercise reveals my relationship with God. I’ve know for a long time food is an idol I keep having to dethrone. Now I’m seeing the depth of what that has really meant in my life, and the freedom God provides from it in a new way. Not just freedom to dethrone it, freedom to turn from it and run to Him.

So each week I will weigh in not only how I am doing with the Action Steps of my plan, I am also going to go back and weigh in on what the Lord is teaching me spiritually through this journey. I was made to eat food for my benefit, to survive, to thrive, and made to crave God. This is the journey I am on.

I will also share we are still in week one of the Made To Crave Action Plan – might I encourage you to sign up and try it out if you’re looking for some solid steps to take on your wellness journey to health? The videos are fantastic and each video will only be available for it’s specific week. What I love about the Action Plan is it’s about taking ACTION.
And I am Excited.
So Excited I’ve totally uprooted my original plan of action for this year to go in this new direction.
So Excited that I can’t hide it – which means – be prepared. I’m ready to Get Real. Get Changed. Get God. Give Glory. Give Worship.
2014 is about Craving God.

 photo ActionPlanWeek1c_zps900b9dd0.jpg

I look forward to Weighing In with you this year. Won’t you join me? Please leave a link to you blog in the comments so I can swing by and encourage you if you are participating in WIW.
In Love and Faith,

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