Weigh In Wednesday: Sometimes It’s About What’s On The Fridge

I have successfully completed my first full week of tracking my calories, sticking to my meal plans, and exercising. Each daily victory fuels me for a new day, and each victory has become a prompt to give praises to God.

Every week since starting the Made To Crave Bible study I have been putting a sign on my fridge. (The signs are free to print from the MTC Website) During the study we had weekly Bible Verses to focus on. I wrote my verse on my sign and hung it on the fridge at eye level.

I have to say, having Truth on my fridge has been INCREDIBLE. I encourage EVERYONE to do this. You will find yourself drawn to old habits, a fridge that whispers lies of fulfillment during times of stress, boredom, and worry. As you reach for the handle and your eyes finally look up from whatever they have been “fixed” on (the stress, the boredom, the worry) they will then be confronted with words of TRUTH. Oh what a blessing in a moment of weakness to behold that truth!

When I began the Action Plan study, new weekly versus were also given. I am now going back through my fridge signs to add a new verse to each one. I’ve decided that this will be part of MY Action Plan – every week to have a sign on my fridge with a verse I can cling to in times of temptation. This week’s verse has been wonderful in the face of some temptations I have had this week. Especially the chocolate kind.


 photo picture053_zps2d7c63e8.jpg

Speaking of chocolate, I did have one day where I indulged in a few extra pieces. The temptation was to grab another handful. Instead, I logged into MyFitnessPal and added in my chocolate candies. Just like that, 200 calories was quickly added to my daily nutrition. Seeing the numbers was a convicting reality of my old habits already attempting to resurface. It prompted me to ask myself these questions:

Why am I craving this chocolate? Because I’m tired, I’m slightly grumpy, and somewhere inside I am believing the lie that that chocolate is what will make it all better.
What is the truth about my craving? It won’t make it all better. It won’t change anything and the pleasure the candy will provide will be fleeting at best. The two minutes it took to eat the first handful of chocolate didn’t make the issue better, a second handful won’t either.
What do I truly need right now? God. The love and care of a God who wants me wanting Him more than candy. A God who is WORTHY of my love and my cravings far more than any piece of candy. I also need to tell someone about THIS specific temptation, to bring it out into the open, to pour light on it and let the light unveil it for what it is.

I didn’t get that second handful of candy. Instead, I closed my eyes and whispered “Lord, help me to say no. Help me to capture these thoughts of candy and instead rest securely in You. Help me to be focused on You, not on me.” Then, I told my husband as soon as he came home. I told him because sometimes, just saying it out-loud makes it all the more real. A real battle. A real struggle. A real victory. My husband hugged me and encouraged me. In that moment, that hug was what I needed more than candy. That assurance. The love from God poured out through my husband. All of which I would not have received had I just “kept quiet” and tried to move on without a word.

I spoke last week about accountability. Maybe that’s what “saying it out-loud” is really about. Continuing to hold myself accountable to others. Continuing to check in with my mom and my husband.

This week has been a great week. This week I also discovered a very easy and DELICIOUS soup. 2 cartons of vegetable broth, 2 chicken breast boiled in water until almost completely cooked, then shredded up, a bag of frozen broccoli, a bag of frozen Normandy blend vegetables, and 1 3/4 cups of barley. All in one pot, all cooked up. DELICIOUS. I determined that there were 15 servings (1 serving = 1 Cup). Per serving 165 calories/ 5g of fiber/ 22g of protein/ and 21g of carbs. I WILL be cooking this up again.

Moving forward, I also want to focus on “feeding” my mind. Why? Because I’m realizing that what goes into my mind affects so many things, and it’s right in line with my “power verse” for my health journey this year (1 Timothy 4:8). Today I created a playlist of music for my workouts. Some great lyrics and some great bands, I’m going to try and find a way and share that with ya’ll next week.

 photo Chapter1a_zpsbb8ae057.jpg

My goals this week? Continue my previous weeks goals. I’m choosing to not add anything new at this point. I’m happy with my progress thus far and I’m looking forward to the week ahead.

How are you doing on your goals this week? If you’d like to connect on MyFitnessPal, then please send me a request and let’s encourage one another through the week as we strive to better our health.

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In Love & Faith,


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