WIW: No More School, Back to Basics





I feel like I am possibly a little more excited about this fact than the man-child. I think it’s because he got out of school a few weeks before any of his buddies and is therefore a little “bored”. We did however get outside today in the GORGEOUS weather to tackle some yard work. IT WAS FABULOUS!

 photo IMAG4817_zps481a4230.jpg
Behold The Yard

With the official start of summer right around the corner, it seems like a great time to “Re-Vamp” my Weigh-In Wednesday posts.
My friend Kim started the #wiwgals, and I have continued using it as a way to connect with and encourage others of the Weigh-In Wednesday Community. So for updates during the week, you can often find me that way. I also still feel that “weigh-in” is about so much more than a number on a scale. It’s about the whole journey, sharing and encouraging one another on towards our goals. In three simple words for me, it’s about Faith, Friends, and Fitness.

Faith photo Introductiona_zps43ad2bc7.jpg

In addition to the Limitless Life study, I am going to revisit something I said earlier in the year I was going to do (and then didn’t) – each Wednesday I am going to re-read one chapter of Made To Crave. There was so much in that study and it went by so quickly, that I just feel it would be beneficial for me to go through it again at my own pace and much slower.

Introduction photo Introduction_zps2b92b1ed.jpg


Especially because in my quest for health and fitness, I don’t want to replace the idol of food with an idol of fitness. I honesty want this part of my life to be dependent on God and to bring Glory to Him.

This week as I’m heading back to basics with things like meal planning, food prepping, and water drinking – the following verse is the one I find myself meditating on to be focused on His strength and not my own.

“But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” ~1 Corinthians 9:27



In addition to using #wiwgals to join a great community of women, I also reached out to an online friend who has inspired me over the last year with her discipline and dedication towards health and fitness. Amy is first an online friend whom I hope to get to know better, and secondly a Beachbody coach.  With my husband’s continued support and Amy holding me accountable and helping me to think of some plans and goals, I am feeling supported and ready to tackle the fitness program I picked out. (Thanks Amy for the recommendations!)



For those who have been around awhile, you know that Power90 has historically been my program of choice for fitness and exercise. That and the few attempts of 30 Day Shred.
I needed something different. Something that would be short term and help me to get back to the basics on fitness and nutrition. After looking over a few recommendations, I decided to go with the 21 Day Fix.

 photo 21day-fix1_zps93873a66.jpg

 I am going to go ahead and say for the record – If Tony Horton and Jillian Michaels had a baby, it would be Autumn Calabrese. THIS I am convinced of. 

Yesterday was Day One. You might be able to tell I had some fear going into that first workout.  photo Day1d_zps476ad993.jpgIt was TOUGH. No joke. By the end, I felt GREAT. I could tell I’d really gotten in some good exercise. This morning I woke up and I was sore. Not so sore that I can’t continue, just the kind of sore that says “whew…haven’t worked THAT muscle out in awhile”. It’s very cardio focused. Which I’m OK with, especially since I’ve had to pause my C25K training due to my running shoes blowing out. I have a feeling it will be very much like 30 Day Shred in soreness. Meaning that it’ll get worse before it starts to go away. We’ll see.

The nutrition part is EASY. I need easy. Easy helps me to get on track. After sitting down and doing a minimal amount of math, I made myself some cheat sheets and cleared off a prepping area in the kitchen.

 photo Day1b_zps95ae5db6.jpg

I have made an effort to pre-plan and prepare my meals in advance. The hubs is also following the nutritional plan for the 21 days with me. (THANK YOU SUPPORTIVE HUBS!). I even made one of the salad dressings from Autumn’s recipes in the back of the book. IT IS DELICIOUS.

 photo DAYONEFOOD_zps7cf0f9b6.jpg


Day One meals were tasty, filling, and easy to make. Every day for me is going to look pretty much the same. I personally find that it’s much easier to stick to healthy eating when you’re not trying to “make something new” every single day. The other thing I like about this plan, is that it will be MUCH easier to eat out when needed. Such as family gatherings and potlucks. I don’t have a ton coming up, however, I do have a few. Being able to navigate them while staying on target with my goals is the key.

It’s really about self-control and discipline. Qualities I want to grow in because I find they are valuable. There is a reason scripture touches on these two things repeatedly. I’m hoping through this refocused journey and prayer, the Lord will not only grow me in the area of food and exercise, that He will reveal to me other areas of my life I also need to apply this too as well.

How are your goals? On track? Time to re-evaluate or start over? Share in the comments or provide your WIW blog link in the comments so we can encourage one another. Also remember to #wiwgals if you are looking for a community to tap into during the week.


One thought on “WIW: No More School, Back to Basics

  1. I like your approach and sounds like you have a well thought out plan. Good for you!
    Anxious to hear how the 21 Day Fix goes!


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