Moody Mornings and Gifts Collide

I got up this morning “moody”, I’ll confess it. I wanted to sleep in. I felt dog dead tired for no reason whatsoever. I made my hubs and son eggs for breakfast, and I can’t say I did it with a servant’s heart. I “did it” and did it “moodily”. When my poor hubs asked if he had made me mad, I told him “I’m moody, just ignore it and love me” because I knew if I attempted to talk about my moodiness right then, it wouldn’t be in truth. I was too tempted to want to put the blame on him or someone else, really, ANYONE but me. (Cause isn’t it just easier to blame someone else for OUR issues?)

I “get through” my moody morning and watch them both leave the house. Then it hits me. It’s day one of  #P31OBS #KeepItShutBook study. (And guess what, I’m still a little moody).

I volunteer with Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies, and with my church’s Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry. I realize both will need my attention today to get some things done.
Now I’m thinking of the to-do list.
I pour a cup of coffee and sit down to “get through” the to-do.

For the sane Godly woman out here,
I’m sure you must be thinking what I wasn’t yet thinking…
Zella dear, aren’t you missing a key step to your day?”

Newp. No missing steps. Just things to get done people.

So I hop on the computer, armed with coffee, my Bible laying open next to me along with my journal for my P31OBS. I head over to the study blog, and am assaulted by HAPPY.

Oh yes. Assaulted by HAPPY.
And the slightest curve of a smile pulls at my mouth.
But still..the moody….it lingers…..

Zella dear…
Newp. Not yet.

At the end are some discussion questions, and one of them is asked so innocently,

  • Do you have a favorite Bible app for your mobile device or computer?  If so, what is it?

And I got to thinking about it. REALLY thinking about it. I have seven can-hold-them-in-my-hands Bibles I can see from where I am sitting right now on my couch. SEVEN. From my phone alone, I can access like 20 Bible translations with just a few swipes and clicks. I’m being encouraged to share a favorite “Bible app” so that no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, I can easily access God’s Holy Word.

Zella dear…
Getting there Godly ladies. Getting there.

Thank you God,” I whisper. I mean really. There are believers, who cry, I mean out right bawl, when they finally put their hands on a Bible. When was the last time I really let that sink in? When was the last time I really allowed myself to be still for a second, and marvel, that right here, right now, I have the Word of God readily and fully available to me?

 photo 20150126_111050_zps70qumlzm.jpg


A Gift.
Which pings my brain to Sunday School yesterday.
Our discussion over One Thousand Gifts.
A circle of women, stopping in the busy, in the schedule, to pray about our Pastor’s question during the sermon, “What is your next step?”

Slowing down to talk to God.

Zella dear….”

And as if the Lord is just right on queue in this moment, I hear a ding on the Facebook machine. A message from a close friend asking for prayer.

The Key Step.

The key against my moodiness.
Conversing with the Father.
The key to change a to-do list into a blessing of service, of love.
Conversing with the Savior.
The key to not be assaulted by happiness, but embraced by it.
Giving into the Holy Spirit.


The Lord paints the smile on my lips. Some would say it’s the coffee kicking in, and I’m not saying the Lord isn’t using it ( 😉 ), however, the wrestle of the heart settles down and wraps up in thankfulness. My fingers fly across the keyboard as I wake up to the good mornings of the ladies in my small group. I’m excited for the upcoming weekend with my church ladies. I’m excited for the Online Bible Study. I’m excited to plan a dinner for my hubs and my son when they get home.

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.



For more about Wycliffe please click here. This is one ministry I know my church supports, and given how the Lord laid on my heart this morning just Thankfulness for His Word, I felt lead to share.

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