It’s Personal. Real Personal.

MyBlogThursday I spent the day with my sister-in-law talking about “Keep It Shut”. She decided she wanted to do an Online Bible Study, so of course I had to recommend P31OBS. 🙂
We decided to watch the “Keep It Shut DVD”. I actually purchased the DVD and Study Guide, something I’ve never done before. Originally I thought it would help me stay focused and dig deep. Then when she told me she was going to do the study, I realized it was meant to be for us to watch together!

Which leads to today’s post.

Chapter 4’s sub title says it perfectly: “How to Talk to God Before You Talk to Others.”

 photo chapter 4e_zpsawqvvmpx.jpg

First, a confession.

My default mode is the phone. When something happens that angers me, or devastates me, I either dial a number or my fingers speed type a text. A close and trusted friend gets my “freak out” moment. I talk. I vent. I process. I make decisions. And if I let her get a word in edge wise, she attempts to speak some Biblical Truth into my life. I attempt to listen. Then talk, vent, process, and make more decisions before getting off the phone.

Last week – I had one of those moments.

Cue #KeepItShutBook. The reason I read books like this IN ADDITION to reading my Bible, is because it gets me thinking about a particular subject. It gets me reading God’s Word and inspires me to search for His Wisdom regarding that subject, and inspires me to do something about it. To #BeIntentional with practicing God’s way instead of my default way.

Words from the study trickled through my mind. I wanted to grab the phone, like, REALLY REALLY wanted to grab the phone. If I could describe my arm as having a mind of it’s own, that night was the night that it did.

Instead, my mind took over. I had just rehashed Week 2 via the DVD and Study Guide in preparing to meet with my sister-in-law. As badly as I wanted to grab the phone and call my friend and spew words, I instead grabbed my prayer book and a pen. I started writing my prayer, and as I wrote I believe the Holy Spirit brought the following verse to my mind:  (Its’ from a Bible Study I’m doing at church where we are currently reading 2 Peter. Talk about the Lord laying this #BeIntentional in my path lately!)

Psalm 119:26-27 (AMP)

26 I have declared my ways and opened my griefs to You, and You listened to me; teach me Your statutes.

27 Make me understand the way of Your precepts; so shall I meditate on and talk of Your wondrous works.

And then this is what happened.
I got down face first on the floor.
I declared MY WAYS – and repented of them. My ways are not HIS WAYS.
I opened my griefs to Him. I told Him everything I would have told my friend.
I shut my mouth for a few and just breathed.
Then I breathed and invited Him to work in Me. Invited Him to fill my Spirit with Himself and not me.
I asked Him to help me TRUST HIM with the issue at hand, and asked Him to help me be a Godly woman for the rest of that night no matter what happened.

I didn’t call my friend. I didn’t need to. There is a time to talk to friends, yet the Lord showed me that this was not one of those times. This was a time for me to just trust Him, to have an intimate moment with Him. The issue that had my heart all twisted up, well, He handled it. He handled it by just being Himself. Just being real, touchable in a spiritual way that has really impacted me every day since. I can’t explain it, The closest I can get is that I feel like it really was me and Jesus that night, together, in the living room, in a very close, very personal, very real way.

Have you prayed about it yet? Have you prayed about it first? Have you called out to the one who hears you most and hears you best?
If you haven’t,  may I encourage and challenge you to?
To get personal. Real personal. Just you and Jesus.
To know Him as your first love.

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