#WellnessUp – Hungry

Last week I shared the H.A.L.T. principle. Since then my focus has been on the H – Hungry.


Hunger at times is unavoidable. There are a lot of times that it is avoidable. For the most part, my thoughts have been around how to avoid Hunger (and Hangry – the anger that comes from going too long without eating).

  • Healthier Snacks – pre-planned and made at the start of each week so they are a quick go-to
  • Meal Planning – requiring that I grow in DISCIPLINE. Plan the meal, then cook according to the meals. (No more last minute “let’s just order pizza instead”.)
  • Being Accountable for Hangry – Let’s face it, me putting myself into a situation where I have “over scheduled” my day so that I’m hungry and angry by the time my family comes home IS NOT an excuse for me to treat them unkindly. As a believer, let’s get real about this for a second. Hangry is cute. Hangry has some scientific evidence behind it. However, I’m pretty sure in all the times Jesus was out and about working, including His time with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-42), He didn’t act “angry” out of “hunger”.

For me as a confessed “Food Addict”, I have to be disciplined and have wisdom when it comes to Hungry. If I allow myself to be absolutely famished before the next meal, the odds that I’m just going to dive into all sorts of not-good-for-me food and then over-indulge on that food start increasing minutely.

It requires discipline and wisdom – so it requires that I seek out the only One who can change my heart and grow me in these two particular areas. My Lord. My God.

Now sometimes people scoff at posts like this because let’s face it, I’m privileged. Actually one of the new Lecrae songs “Welcome to America” pretty much sums it up when he says

Got plenty food in your nation,
I can tell cause a lot of ya’ll are overweight.

And it’s not just me, many of us live in areas where food is easily accessible to us.

The reality is, I am where I am by God’s mercy, His blessing. I don’t know why. I did nothing to deserve it. It’s a gift. A gift that I take for granted on a fairly regular basis, especially when I allow myself to abuse His blessing by over-indulging and then complaining about it and/or getting depressed about it.

I don’t want to be that woman. I want to be a woman who submits every area of Her life to the Lord. I’m not sure where over this winter I seemed to cease doing that with certain parts of my life, however, I did. It’s hard to live that way. Constantly at war with myself, without peace. The truth is, I can BE truly Hungry and NOT fall into temptation if I am submitting this moment, this day, this battle of mine to God.

I need God. And I need encouragement in Christ. That’s why I wanted to start back up a blog link up and Facebook group. Because I know if I need it, someone else needs it. We need one another to spur us on in Christ.

This week has been a good week for me. A thoughtful week. I’ve also starting reading “Made to Crave” again and have invited the #WellnessUp Facebook Group to join me in reading it. I’m already looking forward to Friday’s of each week where we can discuss it a bit and dive into it. Plus my BFF is reading it too, and I’m looking forward to those deeper discussions I know she and I will have.

So – Hungry. Have you thought about it this week? Have you brain-stormed any ideas on how to not fall into the hungry trap? Are you taking action with those ideas and testing them out?

Join in on the discussion with this week’s Blog Link up – or join in on the Facebook Group (women only). Also feel free to use #WellnessUp on Instagram or Twitter and leave encouragement for one another there as we all strive to wellness together.

As we continue to be aware of our “Hungry” –
let’s now start looking at the “Angry” and prayerfully see what the Lord lays on our hearts.
See ya next week for that discussion.

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