#WellnessUp – The Plan, The Accountability

Walking through H.A.L.T. was good for me. Some of the principles are echoed in Made To Crave. Specifically the theme of pre-planning and accountability.

I recently finished reading Chapters 3 and 4, which I sum up as “Planning” and “Accountability”. Having a Plan is crucial to Healthy Eating, and accountability is equally important. When brutally honest with myself, while I started a Facebook group to help give me accountability, I haven’t yet really started utilizing it.

When it comes to food, I need a plan. I need accountability.

I also realize I need accountability with my mood. I know Wellness is both Physical and Spiritual, however, “emotional” squeezes in there too somewhere, and it’s an area I’ve still been struggling with. While I can blame a lot of outside sources for this, the reality is, only I can really be accountable for my insides.

The question: How do I care for ALL of my insides?

One of the things I will never forget from the Whole30 is how it CHANGED how I felt. While that as a lifestyle for me is not realistic, it’s a reality I just can’t ignore. What I ate changed my “insides”. I need a realistic lifestyle that encompasses healthy eating.
My healthy eating needs to be diabetic friendly for my husband, and heart healthy for me. Instead of looking at how it deprives me, it’s about looking at how I am empowered to have a healthy meal plan based on guidelines already set for me because of biology.

So I got a eating plan in place. I made a dinner meal plan for the week. Yesterday, I started accountability check ins with my group.

Cue Prevention magazine, the June 2015 edition.

I love reading Prevention. I get giddy about grabbing the latest copy so I can read through all the health stuff and incorporate what I think makes sense and just go “huh” over the rest of it. This month left me with a “oooo” “huh”.

One of the highlight articles of this issue is about curing pain naturally. As I was reading through info, I came across this….

can help relieve depression” caught my eye.
Using food to help attack my depression and anxiety? Hmmmm.


in a recent clinical trial, turmeric was deemed helpful for depression..

In that same article, salmon was also mentioned to be able to ease depression with three to four servings a week.

So began the internet searching for foods that help with depression and anxiety.

At the end of this post I’ll share a few of the links I looked at, however, for now, check this out. Some of the foods I found that help ease depression and/or fight it: walnuts, low fat dairy, green tea, dark chocolate, legumes, cherry tomatoes, spinach, eggs, banana, sweet potato, greek yogurt. I read while sensible carbs will stimulate serotonin, caffeine suppresses it. YIKES. Especially for this coffee chugging gal.

But you know what’s really insane. These foods follow a heart healthy and diabetic friendly eating plan.
In other words, the guidelines God has set for mine and my husband’s biology seem to really be the best guidelines for us in more ways than one.

So here comes my need for accountability to DO IT. To not only know I am Empowered in Christ to live a life of Healthy Eating, yet to be Holy Spirit led to LIVE that life. As TerKeurst put it in session 2 of the DVD I watched today, it’s about remembering who I am.

So I have a plan. Not just a plan for healthy eating, a plan for healthy living. A plan to attack my depression and anxiety head on. I have a group of women supporting me, so I need to utilize that group. Reach out in need and encourage others as they reach out.

Because really, isn’t that living the Christian Community of life? Loving one another by reaching out, by asking for help and encouragement and giving it? I have all the tools, now it’s time to really Trust God with this.

I’ve already started implementing some of what I found. I’ve been meeting with my doctor too regarding my battle, and plan to share my “plan” at my next appointment.
May I encourage you with a few things before I go?
Research how what you put inside your body may help/hinder whatever you’re struggling with.
Prayerfully be honest with where you are and where you want to go, and look at the guidelines God may have already established for you through your biology as a gift.
Write down (in pen!) a plan. Update it as needed.
Find someone or someones to hold you accountable to your plan.
We can do this friends. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can do this.

Next Week I’ll share in more detail what I’m doing, foods I’m consuming and how I’m preparing them. I’m excited to see changes from my insides out.

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Women interested in joining #WellnessUp accountability group, click here:#WellnessUp Group

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