WellnessUp: The Serious Question You Need to Ask

This health journey for me isn’t anything new. Let’s face it, I’ve done “Weigh-In Wednesdays” and “Wellness Wednesdays” and “Stand In Front Of The Mirror Eating Ice Cream Wednesdays“.  I joined Facebook groups focused on food and exercise. And while I have participated in and LOVE challenge groups, my challenge is ultimately me.

Just me.

Last year, something snapped. That snapping bleed into this year, and as I find myself coming out more and more on the other side of it, I realize that my overall Wellness is truly important.  My picture of Wellness incorporates so very many things. So many things that trying to even classify them or organize them in and of itself can become overwhelming.

My husband, my son, my step-daughter and her family, parents, siblings, in-laws, extended family, friends near, friends far, neighbors, volunteer work, house work, job work, school functions, church functions, bill paying, dog walking, and on and on and on it goes.

That’s where a lot of us find ourselves. In the “on and on and on it goes”.
Then not too long ago I was asked,
“What do you do to take care of you?”

What a difficult question. Because the more I’ve thought about this question over the last several months, the more and more I realize that it’s a very deep question. And the more I’ve turned it into a picture in my head.

I’ve always been a visual thinker.  😉

downloadI envision myself sitting on top of an exercise ball.
I’m balanced. I’m good to go.
Then someone shoves me a little.
Just once.
That one little shoves pushes me to the right just a tad, however, I’m easily corrected, balanced again.
And if that is what living life really looked like, I’d be all set.

But it’s not.

Life is many hands reaching into this space throughout the day, and doing anything from pushing a little to all-out shoving with abrupt harshness.

It’s all the needs, responsibilities, and personalities coming at me.
It’s all the opportunities to serve others, and temptations to serve self.
It’s the unexpected disappointments mixed and mashed into the expected plan.

And if this is where I stay, all the time, 24/7, there is no way I am going to successfully stay on the ball.
And let’s get real, I wouldn’t want to.

Taking a beating day in and day out leads to being beaten.

So yes, Wellness matters.

Wellness isn’t skinny.
It isn’t new clothes.
It isn’t self service at the expense of all others all the time.

It’s peace. It’s balance.
It’s sitting on the ball without being beaten by the beating.

Which brings me back to “What do I do to take care of myself?”
To refresh, renew, restore myself?
To make sure that my soul is balanced in such a way, I’m ready to face the day? house

Remember how I mentioned that all the things that fit into my Wellness can becoming overwhelming just trying to put them into categories? Well, being the visual thinker I am, I took all the words and people and things floating around, and stacked them into the form of a house. And then, I went down to see what the foundation was.
My foundation?

Bible Study: Time spent actually reading the Bible, praying over what I’m reading, what God reveals to me through it. Every. Single. Day.

Nutrition: I can not eat 80% crap 80% of the time. Over the last several months I’ve experimented with myself, what foods fuel me individually and what foods don’t. I’ve had to accept that yes, this actually matters. And yes, it’s my responsibility.

Sleep: I must get sleep. Not just 4 hours sleep. Not just 5 hours sleep. I need as close to 8 or 9 as much as possible. The end. No negotiating. No debating. No making excuses.

Exercise: I need exercise. My body needs exercise. A half hour, five times a week minimum, is something I have to do. Because it helps me to release the stress that builds up. It helps me to breath deeply and clear my mind. It helps my mood to elevate and it directly plays into my sleep, and my nutrition. I must exercise.  

These four areas are the foundation to my Wellness.
When one becomes cracked or damaged, the whole house starts to collapse, and I start to get wacked off the ball.
When I choose to exert discipline and self-control in these areas, I become the kid’s punching bag toy.
You know, the one that you hit and it pops right back up? And no matter how many times it gets wacked, it keeps coming back upright.
Always finding it’s balance. 

So that is my challenge this week friends.
Take all the words, people, thoughts, plans, etc. that are overwhelming you when it comes to reaching your place of Wellness, and ask yourself the serious question.

“What do you do, to take care of you?” 

Time each day to take care of you, means the rest of the day to care for others.
Living in neglect of your care, means a day of dealing with others.
I believe God wants more for us, and for His people He brings to us.

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Women interested in joining #WellnessUp accountability group, click here:#WellnessUp Group

3 thoughts on “WellnessUp: The Serious Question You Need to Ask

  1. It has been such a long time since I visited you, and was scanning down the page before I commented on your 2016 word at the top and see this Wellness Wed. I need to incorporate those several points for my balance too. I manage to read my Bible daily and spend time with God, and with my husband in the Word. The others are in need of some working on! Are you doing this link-up any longer, RaZella?
    No matter, this one post.. ONE post is what I need to push me along to a more balanced wellness for me. Thanks. And I look forward to being back here.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. Hi! I may try to start back up the link up. Last year I didn’t find many bloggers interested, however, our Facebook group is still active! If you’d like to join that, feel free! And if you’d like to link up your blog, feel free too! I plan to post this Wednesday myself 🙂

      1. Hi…I do not have a facebook account and won’t be joining there, although I clicked on the link above only to find it at fb. I wondered about joining, but…?? Thanks for responding back while I am still here. : )


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