First Wednesday of the New Year – Water and Prayer

wellnessupI decided it was time to refocus on my “Wellness” journey. It seems to always be the first thing to go when stress, hardships, and trials enter into life. At least for me.

Which is kind of stupid.


When life gets hard and stressful, my response is to start eating lots of carbs, fats, processed foods, let my finances get out of wack, and stay up too late. Plus, last year, I started smoking again. After THREE YEARS of being smoke free, I broke down and became a smoker again to try and help me “deal”.

Clearly, this isn’t really “helping” me in the long run. Now I’m facing the same hardships and trials, with less energy and mental clarity.

Today’s post is short and sweet. Because sometimes, that’s where we have to get back to. The basics. The truths. So this week in our WellnessUp Group, our focus is Prayer and Water.

Prayer because my prayer life needs to be more than standing still. It needs to be conversation. An opening of the heart.
Slowing down and refusing to let the busy, crazy, hard days of life snuff out the peace, hope, and joy that is in Christ Jesus.
It comes back to my “one word: hope“.
My life may be absolutely horrifically hard for the rest of my days, however, I have hope in the days to come.
I have hope in eternity with Jesus.
It’s this hope that fuels my joy, thankfulness, gratitude, and peace.

So each day I am putting my hand up to the busy and telling it “No.”
And I am praying over a Psalm.

The second day already proved challenging. I found my thoughts trying to wrestle away, me trying to “rush it over”.
A conversation yesterday helped remind just how important it is. Even though I may be talking and sharing with “people” – my most important conversation every day is with Jesus. Prayer is so incredibly vital to our wellness.


Then there is water. Most of you reading this blog have access to clean drinking water. Not all people do.
Most of you reading these words could get up right now, walk over to a sink, turn it on, fill a class, and drink care free. You are not wondering about diseases lurking in the water. You are not worried about how safe it is. You’re entire life, from birth to this day, has conditioned you to never stop and wonder how will you get water, once you get it is it OK to drink it, etc. etc.

If this is true, then I say REJOICE.
It’s not about guilt tripping anyone. It’s about our hearts being thankful for the provision of clean water.

Water is important to Wellness. Our bodies are made up of water. Water does so many things for our internal organs, I could never list them all in a blog. How disheartening it is to hear that we who have been blessed with all the water we could want, are often dehydrated?

So that’s been my other focus. Drinking water. I have a goal of 8 cups a day. Today is only my 3rd day focusing on it, however, I think today is the day I will hit my 8. I’ve gotten pretty close. I’m glad to be drinking more.

If you are joining me with Wellness this New Year, please let me know.
Wednesdays will be our check in days you can join us in our Facebook group.

Let Prayer and Water be your focus this week. It’s good to have focus and get our feet back on better paths.


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