“Becoming More” Book Review and Giveaway


becomingmore_cover-202x300I recently finished Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst. I read the book as part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study. I decided to take it a step further and invested in the Participant’s Guide. It helped me dig deeper in scripture and reflection. So for this particular book review, I decided to simply answer the final question asked in the participants guide:

If someone asked you what was the main thing you walked away with from this book,
how would you answer them? 

To seek God.

Really seek God.

One thing I was convicted to do through this study, was to give my first waking moments to Jesus.
Which sounds like it should be simple.
Maybe for some of you it is simple and you stand slightly aghast that I confess it’s a difficult discipline for me.

Often my first thoughts revolve around….

“How many more times can I snooze before we’re late?”
“Is the man-child up? Is he walking the dog?”
“Why did I watch that last episode? I need more sleep. I miss sleep.”

I’m up and about and it’s much later in the day before I give God any true focus of heart.

I don’t want to give God my left-overs.
I want to give Him my best. My first. I want to SEEK Him First. 

I wish I could say I’m giving my first thoughts to God every morning. I’m not. However, I am giving MORE than what I was before. And I’m seeing Him more in my life as a result.

There was one morning recently the Holy Spirit helped bring my wandering thoughts under submission.  I ended up reading a devotional about God as our provider and prayed about it before my feet ever hit the floor.
I wasn’t in a place in my life that morning where I was struggling. So my prayer was to simply ask God to help me seek Him out as my provider throughout the day.

Oh boy.

Later that same day the struggle came in full force.
A financial decision was about to be made.
And if I’m perfectly honest with you, I was struggling big time with it.

I saw so many better uses of the money. I voiced my opinions. I shared my concerns.
In my heart what I really wanted to do was take over, be in charge, and refuse to budge or allow anyone else a say in the decision.

And then that mornings devotional and prayer time came popping up in my mind.
God as provider. Was I willing to Trust Him more than anyone else, including myself?

So on my living room couch, I had an ugly cry fest with Jesus.
Maybe I’m the only one who has these. The cry fest where I voice all my perceived injustices about a situation to Jesus, and He simply takes them all and keeps responding with truths both hard and gentle.

So I cried. I pouted. I explained all my worries, my fears, my “better ideas” to God.
And what kept coming back to me was His Words.
His words about being my provider. His Words about not worrying and not being anxious. The Lord helped me to see where it was my calling to submit, and where it was not. And so, when the big financial decision came to pass, the decision that was made was not my first choice.

And I had peace with that.

A delicate peace. I’m not telling you I was full of rainbows and butterflies and was 100% golden. That took time.
It was the first taste of peace where I am learning to trust God as provider over all else. Fragile in it’s newness. Something at the time I wasn’t really ready to talk about in great detail because the rough edges of myself were still being scrubbed off by Jesus.
Yet, this was something deeply good for my soul in ways I can’t truly explain. I felt so close to my Lord, and so comforted by Him, and I felt like I was getting to know God in a whole new way I didn’t even realize I was missing.

And I would have missed it had I not been actively and intentionally seeking God.

That’s what the Spirit convicted me with the most in this study.

This book covers six major sections of what it looks like to become more than a good Bible study girl in our hearts, in our walk with God, in our relationships, in our struggles, in our thoughts, and in our calling.

Each section left me with encouragement, and I believe this is a study that could speak differently to every woman, to really address where in your heart you’re craving more of God and then provide some tangible ways of what it looks like to put that craving to action.

So do I recommend this book? 100% yes. And get that participants guide for deeper digging.
It’s worth it.

GIVEAWAY: I’m giving away my copy of the book. It’s used, however I’ve kept it in good shape. There are a few highlights and pen markings here and there.
You must have a US address to ship to, sorry, no international shipping available.
To be entered, simply leave a comment on the blog below as to why you would be interested to read the book.
For an extra entry, comment on the GIVEAWAY post on the blog’s facebook page. 
Winner Will be Chosen 4/23/2016 and notified via reply message with contact details.


3 thoughts on ““Becoming More” Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Thanks for your post! I believe it’s a cry of our hearts to seek God…but not only seek Him, to hunger and thirst after Him. My soul has been stirred around this thought, “How big is my appetite for God?” Would love to read more of this book on what my soul is craving for. God Bless!

    1. Love how you ask the question “How big is my appetite for God”, what a question that we can really slow down and examine our hearts through! P.S. – YOU ARE WINNER OF THE GIVEWAY!!!!! Please email me where you would like the book mailed to and I’ll get it out this week to you! Reach me at Razella@live.com with subject “GIVEAWAY” please!


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