“Becoming More” Book Review and Giveaway


becomingmore_cover-202x300I recently finished Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst. I read the book as part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study. I decided to take it a step further and invested in the Participant’s Guide. It helped me dig deeper in scripture and reflection. So for this particular book review, I decided to simply answer the final question asked in the participants guide:

If someone asked you what was the main thing you walked away with from this book,
how would you answer them? 

To seek God.

Really seek God.Read More »


Power of a Praying …. Bestie. (A Different Kind of Book Review)

A few months ago I finished reading Stormie Omaritan’s “Power of a Praying Woman“. What a journey this book has had in my life. Let me start from the beginning to help you understand.

Early 2000’s. I’m a single mom and teenager, working at Papa John’s. Even though I didn’t always choose to walk with God, I knew  who He was.Throughout my life He has always placed His people around me. A woman named Nancy who worked with me was a believer and unashamed of saying so. She prayed for me, offered me words of encouragement, and stole a soft spot in my heart for life. Even when she saw me not walking by faith, she was never harsh or cruel. She spoke truth gently and she spoke truth matter-of-factly and then she left me to God. One day she came into work and gave me this book to read.Read More »

Feminine Appeal: GET THIS BOOK WOMEN

HerReadingHave you ever read a book and find yourself telling people, “I seriously recommend THIS book“? A book you go back to, re-read, and use as a tool to check your clarity and intention?

Be prepared.
Because this book review is about THAT kind of book.

The book is Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother by Carolyn Mahaney.

 photo d11a9799-e63c-4f70-bdd1-55120a05811d_zps2f7fb3fd.jpg

The title alone had me intrigued.

The foreword is written by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and while I’m not always a fan of name dropping, I’m dropping this one because I typically skip over the foreword and jump straight to the meat of a book. Seeing DeMoss take the time to write the foreword however slowed me down. It got me pumped. It got me thinking about what it means to be a woman. So don’t skip the foreword. It’s a great start to the journey you are about to take with this one.Read More »

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

HerReadingBigLast week I finished reading Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

What prompted me to read this book? It was offered as a Sunday School class at church around the same time of me posting about always testing our teachers against Scripture. The timing seemed to stand out like a bright billboard screaming “Read This Book“.

I’ve never stopped to really learn about “Doctrine”. Never slowed down to analyze WHY what I believe is important, OR, why slightly different beliefs are not OK for me to accept. I felt led to take a “time out” and go back to the basics.

The book at first is intimidating. It’s not only because of it’s dark black cover with it’s image of an eerie snake curled around what appears to be a branch, or because of the stark contrast of the large white-grey lettered “Doctrine” almost dripping onto a blood red banner of “What Christians Should Believe”. No, it’s THAT combined with the heavy thickness of 463 pages of smaller sized print weighing down your hand that makes it intimidating.
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