Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

HerReadingBigLast week I finished reading Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe

What prompted me to read this book? It was offered as a Sunday School class at church around the same time of me posting about always testing our teachers against Scripture. The timing seemed to stand out like a bright billboard screaming “Read This Book“.

I’ve never stopped to really learn about “Doctrine”. Never slowed down to analyze WHY what I believe is important, OR, why slightly different beliefs are not OK for me to accept. I felt led to take a “time out” and go back to the basics.

The book at first is intimidating. It’s not only because of it’s dark black cover with it’s image of an eerie snake curled around what appears to be a branch, or because of the stark contrast of the large white-grey lettered “Doctrine” almost dripping onto a blood red banner of “What Christians Should Believe”. No, it’s THAT combined with the heavy thickness of 463 pages of smaller sized print weighing down your hand that makes it intimidating.
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