One Word 2016 – Good bye 2015

One Word 2016“The world is full of broken people. 
And I am one of them.” 

A few years ago I wrote a New Year’s Eve blog post with that statement as my opening line. This New Year’s Eve I found myself thinking of those exact words again.

For some people 2015 was a spectacular year full of accomplishments, wonder, and memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. For others, it was nothing more and nothing less than another year gone by.
And for the rest of us, there were beautiful moments we hold closely guarded in our hearts, and moments that nearly broke our hearts and left them shattered. Continue reading “One Word 2016 – Good bye 2015”

Mary’s husband had a name….

A few years ago I was slowly blogging through the Bible with the aide of Max Lucado’s “Life Lessons Study Guide“* books. At the time, I had started the journey as part of my one word challenge that year, “Redeemed“.

Now I’m starting again with a friend. She was looking to read her Bible more, and I had recommended this study series and then thought “why not go through it all again myself?” Additionally, it seemed very fitting to get back into a disciplined habit of spending dedicated time in God’s Word and in prayer through His Word. And go figure, my one Word challenge this year is “Discipline“.

I started back with Matthew, reading over Chapters 1 and 2 slowly, intentionally, and prayerfully. And again, Joseph really stood out to me.

Joseph is referred to as a “righteous” man (HCSB). Matthew 1:19 specifically shares “So her husband Joseph, being a righteous man, and not wanting to disgrace her publicly, decided to divorce her secretly”. Continue reading “Mary’s husband had a name….”

One Word 2015 – Late to the Party and Still Made It – FREE GRAPHIC!

I was introduced to the “One Word” concept a few years ago, and my first year participating was 2013.
I have to tell you, I LOVE “One Word” as a New Year’s resolution.
I may not blog about it a lot, however, I do think about it. I see it. I notice it. I become more aware of it and that awareness is the first step in growing.

I had this great big plan to share my One Word, find a link up, and intentionally blog about my One Word once a month for 2015.

Yea. About that.

This post was originally drafted on January 7th. Maybe I should update the title to “Extremely Late to the Party”. Hee hee.

one word mineWell, let’s dive in NOW.
I did choose a word.
I have thought about it. Been aware of it. Rebelled against it. Refused to acknowledge it. At times all out tried to forget about it.

My One Word for 2015 is “Discipline”. Continue reading “One Word 2015 – Late to the Party and Still Made It – FREE GRAPHIC!”