I Have Nothing, Yet I Possess Everything

Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies

Reflecting on Week 2 of the P31OBS : What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.



 Last week  we moved into what Lysa TerKeurst calls the “famine”.
I call it the “in-between”.

As a follower of Christ, my starting point was the day I submitted myself to Him, His death and resurrection. My end point is when I am with Him in heaven. Everything else is the in-between. I’ll have lots of little mini-stops on the way. Some are rest stops, some are exciting stops, and each have their own “in-betweens”. Continue reading “I Have Nothing, Yet I Possess Everything”

No Longer Hiding Behind The Line

Last week I started the latest Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study, What Happens When Women Walk In Faithwritten by Lysa TerKeurst. I’m going to be blogging through this study as a way to share and process what the Lord is laying on my heart.

Last week we read part one of the book: Leaving.

A Line In The Sand. When I first read this chapter I wasn’t ready. I shared with my small group the truth that if I “drew a line” I was confessing I needed to leave something behind. Putting a name to it means no longer being able to hide in ignorance or deception or whatever darkness I’m attempting to hide in. When we intentionally hold tightly to something God is telling us to let go of, what we are really holding onto is darkness.
 photo 1a Week Quote_zpskmqjriyk.jpg Continue reading “No Longer Hiding Behind The Line”