One Word. One Year. One Savior.

I first learned about this concept of “One Word” via Must Love God.

I’m not entirely sure that I understand it myself.
What I am going to share here, is my understanding of it.

One Word.

One Word to take place of the “New Year’s Resolution“.

This One Word will be the sparkling centerpiece to the banquet of goals, dreams, hopes, and growth I desire to see accomplished in this New Year.

This One Word will be a focused prayer, for my Savior to use it, for Him to be the Chef in charge of the banquet, from every tiny appetizer to the  perfectly cooked and succulent main course. That in this next year of preparation, dicing, covering, adding, reducing, that in this one year, He will take this One Word, and from it He will serve the very nourishment my soul needs.

One Word.

So instead of a New Year’s Resolution,
I will join so many others in choosing One Word.

One Word that represents the heart of my New Year’s Resolutions.

And My One Word….


In my family, as wife and mother, serving my husband, son, and stepdaughter.
In my friendships, as I make myself available to serve others.
In my health, as I relinquish bad habits and gain new ones.
In my dreams, as I allow myself to write as He leads me.
In my hobbies, as I knit up a storm!

Oh Yes. Redeemed. That is my One Word for 2013.

Have you chosen a word? If so, what is it? Why?
My prayers are that you are encouraged in this New Year!

I look forward to reading the pieces of the journey so many others will be sharing with their one words, encouraging them, sharing the joys with them, and providing comfort for the stormy days.
I’m excited about my One Word.
Excited about how He is going to use it in ways I didn’t even think of.

Before I close out this blog, I’m sharing some of the blogs that have encouraged me and/or helped me discover the beauty of this One Word concept.

First, MustLoveGod. A beautiful group of writers. A wonderful place to gather with Sisters in Christ in the blogging world.
MustLoveGodSecondly, a blog I’ve totally mentioned before, MeredithSings. A friend whom I am thankful for so very much, encouraged by, and whom God has used to help push me along in my own path!


And finally for today, OnlyABreath, whom I just met today through Meredith’s blog! However, what a joy to meet a new Sister! And, she has created the BEAUTIFUL “One Word” buttons that many of us are using (also my big image included in this blog!)! I’m grateful for her servant’s heart to create such a beautiful button and share it with us!


Happy New Year!
In Love & Faith,

Weigh In Wednesday: The New Year Edition

It has certainly been awhile since I held myself accountable with Weigh In Wednesday.

Last year I came ridiculously close to hitting my goal of 130 lbs. I mean, CLOSE. I got all the way to 133. It was an incredible feeling.

Then I hurt my back again.
Followed by getting the plague (some flu/cold bug that wouldn’t leave for weeks).
Followed by Christmas (there. is. so. much. chocolate. here.)
Excuses piled on top of excuses and one week turned into a month. A whole month of not exercising, not drinking enough water, and not making healthy food choices.

Needless to say, I KNOW I have gained back weight. How much? More than I probably want to know. I can tell because I can feel it when I squeeze into my jeans. YIKES! Squeezing is not my *happy place*.

Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. ~1 Peter 1:16

My New Year’s resolution is not to lose weight.
It’s not to write a novel.
These are dreams of mine, things that I would love to see happen.
My New Year’s resolution is something I feel running deeper than those things.
It’s something that provides the fuel to succeeding at those things.

My New Year’s resolution is to live a redeemed life.
Because I have been redeemed by the only one who can offer redemption.
And I love Him.

Part of that, is honoring Him – my Father God, my Savior Christ, the Holy Spirit – with my body.

When I trash my body with unhealthy food and drink, I don’t believe I am honoring the Lord with the body He gave me.

Furthermore, when I look in the mirror and hate how I look, or compare myself to others, or call myself things like “ugly”, (even if it’s just inside my own head), I do not believe I am honoring the Lord with the body He gave me.

I’ve gotten so much better at not doing a lot of the things I was doing. December 25th marked the 4th straight month of not having a cigarette. I was thinking about it today, and it’s pretty awesome.
I’ve battled that battle now for 13 years.
I got excited about reaching 4 months. I mean, hey, IT IS EXCITING NEWS!!!!

I know I still have more to do.
More to submit to Him.
More to ask for His strength to overcome.

I’ve been reading about the Whole30 after reading a bit about it at The Health Wish. It intrigues me. At first, my thoughts were “I dunno, giving up food groups for 30 days, I’m not sure how realistic that is.” However, the more I look into it, and research it, and price check things for making that type of commitment, the more intrigued by it I am.

I definitely was not ready to start it on Jan 1st. Right now, I’m thinking I do want to go for it. Give it a try.  I’m considering trying after MLK day. Just because, if I’m going to do this, I want to be successful at it. For me, that means planning out meals and grocery lists and budgets in advance.

Either way, what I do know is that today I exercised. I went for a snow shoe hike with my husband. It was WONDERFUL. My body LOVED it. Being outside in creation was WONDERFUL. Watching the sun lower with gold and pink rays across the snow covered blueberry field and pond was a wonderful backdrop to working muscles and raising a heartbeat that’s been far too dormant for too long.

blueberry field snow

My goals this week are simple.
Continue to research the Whole30 in anticipation of taking the challenge.
Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Exercise at least 4 times this week.
Go Snow Shoeing with my husband again. Maybe – every day – HA!
Just because, it was FANTASTIC! A wonderful way to make winter seem less cold and boring. ^_^
Get up next Wednesday morning and step on the scale and own whatever it says.

Weigh In Wednesday.
I’m back for a New Year.
Let’s do this thing.

How are you doing with your health journey?
In Love & Faith,